Bristol Charity of the year? Our Kids are Incredible!

You there, yes you. You’re capable of the incredible for this Bristol charity. Because, Bristolians, you’ve earned Bristol the title of ‘kindest and most selfless city in the UK’ (as officially confirmed by a national survey.) Our Kids are Incredible – What Can You Do?


That survey, found that people in Bristol were most likely to volunteer their time out of all of the cities in the UK.


So, no pressure, or anything… but we think that this means you’d be incredible at fundraising for us. And we’re not talking thousands, or even hundreds of pounds.


You see, a little means a lot around here.


£10 could buy a dancing llama for a disabled child.

£100 could pay for a pirate party – ooh arr!

£500 could buy a sensory bubble tube.


You may well be wondering – WHY NOW?

Whatever happens we’re not ones for being downbeat. We’re usually all for fun and play – games and silliness, but there’s a few things that you might want to know about your fellow Bristolians – namely that the incredible kids with additional needs here (and their parents and carers), might be facing uncertain times…


  • Growing numbers of disabled children in Bristol have been seeking help for problems including mental health and family problems.
  • There are more children with a limiting long-term illness or disability in Bristol than the national average (3.8% versus 4.1%).
  • Almost 9 out of 10 parents of children with disabilities reported they now have some level of anxiety and 46% had probable depression.
  • Support for the ‘disabled cause’ is falling – donations to this cause overall almost halved between March and April from 15% to 8%” (CAF Giving Report 2021).


At our centre, demand has risen (more incredible kids than ever want to visit us), which is no surprise to us. After all, the pandemic’s been rough for many of the incredible kids we support – who’ve had to shield – no chance to make slime, to zip wire, play pool or paint.

But now, spring is incoming, the days are looking brighter and we’re getting fired up for a busy year ahead.

Which is where you come in – individuals, schools and businesses…


Schools, playgroups, parents – those little people could learn plenty of incredible life lessons

Team Incredible is predicting big things and an A* for effort from our little Bristolians, who’ll pick up plenty along their fundraising journey, such as:


  • Learning about the uniqueness of others
  • Understanding the impact of helping others
  • Strengthening their personal values
  • Appreciating how important it is to be generous
  • Developing gratefulness

We’ve even created a Young Fundraiser scheme as a way for young people to fundraise for us.


As for the big people out there…

“Suddenly, I felt accepted and I had something to look forward to every week” A, aged 15

If you want to help more children like A to have something to look forward to each week then take a peak at our Incredible Kids Home Fundraising Pack for all the info you need to get started. Fundraising has also been shown to help combat stress and provide a sense of purpose. Maybe its time to take on our Be Incredible challenge and raise £100 for Incredible Kids. Could you Be Incredible today?

As for the Bristol businesses reading this…


Beyond the warm, fuzzy feeling of doing something incredible for local kids, there are actually plenty of solid commercial reasons to fundraise too. Like creating team building and networking opportunities, defining your corporate identity, and good PR.


So business owners, if you think we’re the business, you might want to read our Corporate Fundraising brochure – which talks about other ways your company could help – including making us your Bristol charity of the year.


Grab your fundraising pack

In the pack you’ll find:

  • Fun, easy ideas for fundraising – from dancing and crafting, baking to biking
  • Posters
  • Printable stickers
  • Sponsorship form


I’m a business

I’m an adult individual

I’m a school, playgroup, college

I’m a young person


Incredible Friends

Everyone needs friends. Your donations are essential to us helping more families as our costs have risen significantly in order to support even more Bristol families.


Consider becoming a Friend of Incredible Kids and donate £15 a month towards our work. In return, you’ll receive a warm glowing feeling knowing that you are supporting a Bristol charity and one of our Incredible Friends.


So if you decide to donate monthly you will be redirected to PayPal to subscribe. Please check the button to donate monthly. You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging in to PayPal. Become an Incredible Friend


ps even if you don’t sign up to be a Friend of Incredible Kids, you can still be our friend. #ForeverFriends

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