Incredible hug-in-a-bag at our wellbeing day

Here at Incredible Kids HQ we were absolutely thrilled to host our recent fun day.  We gifted our incredible wellbeing bags to families with disabled children. Everyone here hopes you enjoyed an amazing day, full of love, laughter, and lots of bubbles!

Playworkers give out wellbeing bags

We are so grateful to everyone at Quartet Community Foundation who made this day possible, and to all of the families who came out to join us. The playworkers loved to see the smiles on the faces of the families as they received their sensory friendly blankets, fluffy hot water bottles, and little treats. Lush donated a little gift to each family. Some of our bags had seed packs donated by Suttons Seeds, if you grow yours do send us a picture of what emerges! We hope that these bags will bring some much-needed comfort and joy to our incredible families. The bags were designed to help families facing a cost of living challenge as well as bring a smile to your faces.

Our fun day was filled with all sorts of exciting activities, including face painting, and even some bubbleology! Our bubbleologists Rainbow Ghecko returned to wow the crowds with their incredible bubble-making skills. They created giant bubbles that floated high up into the sky. Families enjoyed homemade cakes from Incredible Baker Alice as well as relaxing herbal teas and cookies.

“The best bubbles and face painting”

For families like Jo whose son has additional needs, the well-being bags have been a great source of comfort. ” Oh my goodness, we had such a lovely day! “ said Jo. ”The best bubbles and face painting ever and well-being bags at the end. My son loved the blanket and the microwavable fluffy dog”

Wellbeing bags

Founder of the charity Jennie Prewett said “We hope these bags bring a little bit of joy to our families. The days may be warming up as spring arrives but the sensory-friendly blankets in the packs will bring comfort all year round. We designed them to be like a giant hug inside a bag!”

Overall, it was an incredibly successful day, and we feel so grateful to have been able to bring a little bit of happiness into the lives of our Incredible families. We will have a second wellbeing day soon for those who couldnt make it to this one. Thank you to everyone who helped make this day possible. From our volunteers to our supporters, and of course to the families who came out to join us. See you all again soon!


Child receiving wellbeing bag

Could you be an Incredible Trustee?

Advert seeking new Incredible Trustees

Could you be our next Trustee?

Incredible Kids is a Christian charity looking for trustees with a range of professional or life experience, to join Incredible Kids Board of Trustees. The charity is motivated by Christian compassion and all trustees are expected to have a Christian commitment and uphold our Christian ethos, aims and objectives. Download our Incredible Kids Trustee Information Pack

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Find out more about what being a trustee involves at Getting on Board. Tips for applying to be a trustee 

The hidden fight against the cost-of-living crisis for disabled children

A single tin of Heinz Beans now costs £1.40 at Tesco. To many Incredible Kids members who have a young person with additional needs, the recognisable, larger brands are important. Swapping to a supermarket’s own brand simply isn’t an option.

Two women chatting on a sofa with cups of tea

Jennie Prewett (right) chatting with a parent at a play session

We spoke to Incredible Kids Founder and mum of five, Jennie Prewett, about how the cost-of-living crisis has impacted disabled children.

“Right now, the families we help, can’t turn the heating off, can’t save on petrol and can’t swap to cheaper brands of food without causing harm or distress to vulnerable children,” says Jennie.

We ran a survey with our members to find out how the cost-of-living crisis affected them on a daily basis. Incredible Kids parent Michelle told us “I have a disabled child with health issues who cannot regulate their temperature. My electricity costs £450 per month so we have all been eating less.”

We asked our Service Manager Jeanna how the cost-of-living crisis was affecting families. She told us,  “It really concerns me that I know many families are struggling. But there’s a big void of communication filled with secrecy and shame. Sometimes I wonder whether it’s only myself and a group of select others feeling the hard mean pinch of the cost of living.

Woman with her hand on her hip in a Dr Seuss cat costume in front of balloons

Service Manager Jeanna dressed up for the Dr.Seuss-themed Incredible Kids Christmas party

“Living standards and poverty can have a serious impact on a child’s mental health,” says Jeanna. “If they cannot take part in the activities that other children do, then they feel isolated and different. This is the basis of Incredible Kids’ drive as a charity. Our service doesn’t just offer an inclusive, safe space, it offers new experiences to disabled young people. At Incredible Kids, every child can be part of the same community and have memories of childhood to remember. We want every family to feel that each week has a little bit of sparkle in it,” says Jeanna.

Jennie adds, “Inflation is having a devastating impact on charities. People have less disposable income and are not in a position to donate, even if they want to. Every last penny is spent on energy bills and rising mortgage payments. The government’s cost-of-living payments are welcome, but they fall woefully short of what’s needed for carers managing on the very tightest budgets.

“Things are also very tight here at Incredible Kids too, both in relation to our funding and amongst our staff and volunteers,” says Jennie. “Charities are under unprecedented pressure, and we are arguably only at the beginning of what the Bank of England predicts could be the longest recession on record. Charities are in the most precarious position I can remember.” Women with a backpack looking distressed in a supermarket aisle

Incredible Kids has been supporting families with disabled children with free meals and activities. We hope to help combat the stress caused by the many challenges affecting people right now. At a selection of our play sessions, we are currently trialling the offer of free tickets for those who cannot afford to pay the low entry price of £4 per family.

In March, thanks to grants from Bristol City Council and The National Grid we are giving out wellbeing packs and will include sensory-friendly blankets and treats for the whole family. It’s only a small gesture, and we can’t afford to add in any Heinz beans, but we hope it will put a smile on our members’ faces.

This blog featured in the Bristol Post.

We immediately found a home from home at Incredible Kids

Finding disability support for children and parents is not easy. We talked to a parent at Incredible Kids to find out how she and her son have found support for their family.

We immediately knew we had found a home from home.

Jo and her son E started coming to Incredible Kids after a friend originally recommended Incredible Kids. Jo told us: “We immediately knew we had found a home from home. We left already feeling excited at attending our next session. We both felt welcomed by the staff. They greeted us with warm smiles and made us feel instantly included and a valued part of Incredible Kids.

Child playing with a playworker

I had that instant feeling of belonging to a lovely supportive and understanding community.

My son was free to explore his new surroundings and took great interest in the varied activities available before settlingChild playing on swing at a firm favourite. I could see he felt relaxed as he chatted to staff who joined him as he played. Watching my son smile and interact with other children was reassuring that he felt comfortable being himself. I chatted to the supervisor who was able to signpost me for further support services if I felt these could be useful. I had that instant feeling of belonging to a lovely supportive and understanding community who I could meet both face to face and online too.


He has been able to learn more about himself as an individual.

My son enjoys the varied indoor and outdoor activities available at Incredible Kids and has been able to try newChild chatting to playworker experiences too which have helped boost his self-esteem and self-confidence. He has been able to learn more about himself as an individual and recognise his strengths whilst also enabling him to become more confident in asking for help from others. Some of his favourite activities are very much sensory-based; he especially loves the sand, hands-on messy activities and anything physical.

Child playing wih crafts at Incredible KIds

The death slide, scooter track and the large scale climbing frame are firm favourites along with roller skating, football with peers and staff and playing hide and seek amongst the vast outdoor play area. He enjoys using the large chalkboard and the small world imaginative playsets too. The large outdoor space lends itself well for providing smaller, enclosed spaces for children to retreat to for some downtime along with rooms inside to relax and be in a quieter environment if that’s needed.

Whilst I watch him play he always has a smile on his face.

Whilst I watch him play he always has a smile on his face, he is clearly very happy and enjoying himself and he loves the social interaction from both peers and staff. He is now more confident talking to others and making new friendships and asks whether those children will be at the next session he’ll attend.

Disabled Child on Slide


Whilst the children’s needs all vary there is that common ground to start from and that real sense of support from one another as we share our experiences and journeys so far. The staff are able to signpost to other organisations who may be able to offer support. Having access to this wealth of knowledge helps make me feel a better parent for my son as I know where else I can turn to for support.



“Incredible Kids has a special place in my heart and I often attend the sessions when I don’t have my son too as I always feel so welcome every time I go.”

If like Jo you would like to join Incredible Kids and visit our sessions to visit our sessions providing disability support for children sign up here for free membership. 

Bristol Charity of the year? Our Kids are Incredible!

You there, yes you. You’re capable of the incredible for this Bristol charity. Because, Bristolians, you’ve earned Bristol the title of ‘kindest and most selfless city in the UK’ (as officially confirmed by a national survey.) Our Kids are Incredible – What Can You Do?


That survey, found that people in Bristol were most likely to volunteer their time out of all of the cities in the UK.


So, no pressure, or anything… but we think that this means you’d be incredible at fundraising for us. And we’re not talking thousands, or even hundreds of pounds.


You see, a little means a lot around here.


£10 could buy a dancing llama for a disabled child.

£100 could pay for a pirate party – ooh arr!

£500 could buy a sensory bubble tube.


You may well be wondering – WHY NOW?

Whatever happens we’re not ones for being downbeat. We’re usually all for fun and play – games and silliness, but there’s a few things that you might want to know about your fellow Bristolians – namely that the incredible kids with additional needs here (and their parents and carers), might be facing uncertain times…


  • Growing numbers of disabled children in Bristol have been seeking help for problems including mental health and family problems.
  • There are more children with a limiting long-term illness or disability in Bristol than the national average (3.8% versus 4.1%).
  • Almost 9 out of 10 parents of children with disabilities reported they now have some level of anxiety and 46% had probable depression.
  • Support for the ‘disabled cause’ is falling – donations to this cause overall almost halved between March and April from 15% to 8%” (CAF Giving Report 2021).


At our centre, demand has risen (more incredible kids than ever want to visit us), which is no surprise to us. After all, the pandemic’s been rough for many of the incredible kids we support – who’ve had to shield – no chance to make slime, to zip wire, play pool or paint.

But now, spring is incoming, the days are looking brighter and we’re getting fired up for a busy year ahead.

Which is where you come in – individuals, schools and businesses…


Schools, playgroups, parents – those little people could learn plenty of incredible life lessons

Team Incredible is predicting big things and an A* for effort from our little Bristolians, who’ll pick up plenty along their fundraising journey, such as:


  • Learning about the uniqueness of others
  • Understanding the impact of helping others
  • Strengthening their personal values
  • Appreciating how important it is to be generous
  • Developing gratefulness

We’ve even created a Young Fundraiser scheme as a way for young people to fundraise for us.


As for the big people out there…

“Suddenly, I felt accepted and I had something to look forward to every week” A, aged 15

If you want to help more children like A to have something to look forward to each week then take a peak at our Incredible Kids Home Fundraising Pack for all the info you need to get started. Fundraising has also been shown to help combat stress and provide a sense of purpose. Maybe its time to take on our Be Incredible challenge and raise £100 for Incredible Kids. Could you Be Incredible today?

As for the Bristol businesses reading this…


Beyond the warm, fuzzy feeling of doing something incredible for local kids, there are actually plenty of solid commercial reasons to fundraise too. Like creating team building and networking opportunities, defining your corporate identity, and good PR.


So business owners, if you think we’re the business, you might want to read our Corporate Fundraising brochure – which talks about other ways your company could help – including making us your Bristol charity of the year.


Grab your fundraising pack

In the pack you’ll find:

  • Fun, easy ideas for fundraising – from dancing and crafting, baking to biking
  • Posters
  • Printable stickers
  • Sponsorship form


I’m a business

I’m an adult individual

I’m a school, playgroup, college

I’m a young person


Incredible Friends

Everyone needs friends. Your donations are essential to us helping more families as our costs have risen significantly in order to support even more Bristol families.


Consider becoming a Friend of Incredible Kids and donate £15 a month towards our work. In return, you’ll receive a warm glowing feeling knowing that you are supporting a Bristol charity and one of our Incredible Friends.


So if you decide to donate monthly you will be redirected to PayPal to subscribe. Please check the button to donate monthly. You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging in to PayPal. Become an Incredible Friend


ps even if you don’t sign up to be a Friend of Incredible Kids, you can still be our friend. #ForeverFriends

Corporate Fundraising that’s Incredible

corporate fundraising

Get your corporate fundraising off to an Incredible Start!

If you’re looking for a charity to be your charity of the month or the year then why not chose an Incredible charity!

You will help provide play & support for young people with additional needs and their families. Our fundraising pack is packed with information and ideas for how your workplace can get together and raise money for an INCREDIBLE cause you care about. So how do you get started? It’s easy.

Why Incredible Kids

Incredible Kids is all about supporting each other and the power of enjoying a cup of tea together. Take a break, put the kettle on and take a few minutes to read through your pack full of ideas and advice. Download our guide to getting the most out of your fundraising. We’ve pulled together the legal information to help you raise funds safely. Then you’re ready to raise money!

If you care about helping disabled children, strengthen families or support carers then you can chose Incredible Kids for your CSR. Supporting a small charity can be transformational for the charity and for your local area.

Incredible Ideas

Are you in the office and want to bake some cakes or climb a mountain, or if perhaps all working from home and want to host a virtual quiz? Here at Incredible HQ we’ve put together all the information you need to raise money to support disabled children and their families.

If you’ve got a product to sell and want to donate the proceeds to Incredible Kids then check out our Work for Good site where they do all the hard work on the legal front for you.

Once you’ve finished your Incredible Fundraising head on over to our donation page to find all the ways to donate to us.

Incredible Kids Corporate Fundraising Pack

Incredible Kids Corporate Fundraising Pack Print Quality (without bleed marks)

Incredible Kids Corporate Fundraising Pack (with bleed for pro printing)

Sponsor Forms


Become a young fundraiser

become a young fundraiser

Become a young fundraiser! We had lots of requests for young people to get involved with Incredible Kids. So we created this Young Fundraiser pack.

Now you can do something incredible today to make a difference at Incredible Kids. Whether at school or at home, you can come up with your own fundraising idea or chose one of our crazy ideas from the pack. Whatever your skills and talents, put them to good use today by becoming a young fundraiser. Whether you are an Incredible Baker or an Incredible Biker – get hold of your Incredible Young Fundraiser pack and start today!

We want you to enjoy fundraising for Incredible Kids. So this pack is full of lots of different ideas to put the fun into fundraising. You can have a great time whilst also making a real difference to the future of lots of families that have children with additional needs.

We have included posters to help you promote your events to the wider community as well as to announce the total that you have raised together. There are also some stickers which could be printed for taking part. Each and every young fundraiser is extremely important to us. So please contact Incredible Kids with any questions you may have – we would love to hear from you.

Let us know how much you raise and we’ll send you an Incredible Certificate!

Incredible Kids Fundraising Pack for Young People (Interactive PDF)

Incredible Kids Fundraising Pack for Young People – Print Quality

Incredible Kids Sticker Sheet


Fundraise at School

Does your school want to make disabled children smile?

There are many ways to help Incredible Kids. We want you to enjoy fundraising for Incredible Kids.

We’ve created a fundraising pack full of lots of different ideas to put the fun into fundraising. You can have
a great time whilst also making a real difference to the future of lots of families. We have included some real life stories about the difference school’s fundraising makes – the type of activities you help to fund and the people that you help.
We also have some fundraising ideas, so students can choose the ideas they like best. We have included posters
to help you promote your events to parents and the wider community as well as to announce the total that you have
raised together. There are also some stickers which could be printed for children taking part.

Each and every school that raises funds is extremely important to us. So please contact Incredible Kids with
any questions you may have – we would love to hear from you.

Incredible Kids Fundraising Pack for Schools – Print Quality

School Incredible Fundraising Pack (Interactive PDF)

Incredible Kids Fundraising Pack for Young People – Print Quality

Incredible Kids Fundraising Pack for Young People (Interactive PDF)

Incredible Kids Sticker Sheet

Girl fundraising for Incredible Kids

Size Guide

Kids Sizes

Age:  1-2  3-4  5-6  7-8  9-11  12-13
Chest (to fit):242628303234


Adult Sizes

Chest (to fit):  34  36  40  44  48  52  56  60  64

Garment sizes are approximate and for guidance only.

PDA Support in Bristol at Incredible Kids

There are lots of young people at Incredible Kids with PDA. If you havent heard of it or you want to know if this is relevent to your child then read all about it here. Whether your child is undiagnosed, or has an elusive diagnosis of Pathological Demand Avoidance, Autism with a demand avoidant profile, or if you are exploring this condition and believe your child may have PDA then we offer a regular play and support group for your whole family. The PDA support group is run by parents of children with PDA who understand your situation.

Come as a family and play at our session, but with the added benefit that the other families there understand your unique struggles. The whole family is welcome. It’s just a chance for a cup of tea, a chat with other parents and carers if you want to, while your children have fun. It’s all very laid back, demand free play alongside our PDA support.

If you’re not yet a member and want to find out the dates of our next PDA support group then sign up here and we’ll email you all the details. Boy playing football