Become a young fundraiser

become a young fundraiser

Become a young fundraiser! We had lots of requests for young people to get involved with Incredible Kids. So we created this Young Fundraiser pack.

Now you can do something incredible today to make a difference at Incredible Kids. Whether at school or at home, you can come up with your own fundraising idea or chose one of our crazy ideas from the pack. Whatever your skills and talents, put them to good use today by becoming a young fundraiser. Whether you are an Incredible Baker or an Incredible Biker – get hold of your Incredible Young Fundraiser pack and start today!

We want you to enjoy fundraising for Incredible Kids. So this pack is full of lots of different ideas to put the fun into fundraising. You can have a great time whilst also making a real difference to the future of lots of families that have children with additional needs.

We have included posters to help you promote your events to the wider community as well as to announce the total that you have raised together. There are also some stickers which could be printed for taking part. Each and every young fundraiser is extremely important to us. So please contact Incredible Kids with any questions you may have – we would love to hear from you.

Let us know how much you raise and we’ll send you an Incredible Certificate!

Incredible Kids Fundraising Pack for Young People (Interactive PDF)

Incredible Kids Fundraising Pack for Young People – Print Quality

Incredible Kids Sticker Sheet


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