The power of play: 5 methods used at Incredible Kids

At Incredible Kids, we believe that play is an essential tool for their overall development and wellbeing. Play activities have a large role in enhancing social skills and problem-solving abilities, and have the potential to shape a child’s future in remarkable ways.Two young boys in hoodies playing with pink slime.

Let’s explore the various ways in which your child can benefit from play at Incredible Kids.

  1. Sensory play

One of the key benefits of sensory play is its ability to promote brain development in young children. It involves stimulating a child’s sense of touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound. As children engage in these activities, they make connections between different sensory experiences.

At Incredible Kids, we have a sensory-friendly studio lit by multi-coloured neon bubble tubes and disco balls. We use materials such as non-toxic gel beads, mirrors and crackling space blankets to maximise the effect of our safe and stimulating studio space.

Our playworkers understand the importance of encouraging children to explore and experiment with different materials. Whether it’s filling paddling pools with tactile objects for children to immerse themselves in or adding ingredients to slime to change its colour and texture, our playworkers are there every step of the way, cheering on their unique creations.

  1. Imaginative play

Imaginative play involves children engaging in activities where they create and explore imaginary scenarios, assuming different roles and using their creativity to transform the world around them.

Playworker and young girls around an arts and craft table outside.One way our playworkers encourage imaginative play is through the careful selection of play-aids, such as building blocks, clay, toys, costumes and art supplies.

By encouraging children to think outside the box and experiment with different combinations and structures, we can empower them to explore their imagination and boost essential developmental skills and self-esteem.

  1. Construction play

Construction play is a fundamental aspect of childhood development that involves building, constructing and manipulating objects to create various structures.

From cardboard boxes to blankets, Incredible Kids offers a wide range of materials that allow children to construct their own little havens and develop skills in collaboration and communication. By building dens, children also learn problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and develop their fine motor skills.

Our playworkers are experts in helping children unleash their creativity and are at hand throughout our play sessions to provide children with the materials, guidance and encouragement to create a structure – be it a cosy nook with noise-cancelling headphones or a Lego town.

  1. Artistic play

Artistic play is a form of creative expression that allows children to explore their imagination and unleash their inner artist. Our playworkers regularly facilitate activities such as clay sculpting, painting, collaging and experimenting with donated supplies. Artistic play provides a platform for individuals to engage in hands-on activities that foster self-discovery and personal growth.

Young female blowing a pink piece of fabric that's draped over her face.At Incredible Kids, our dedicated crafting tables are equipped with an array of materials where children can let their imaginations run wild.

With guidance from our playworkers, children can learn various techniques from pinching, rolling, and shaping clay to bringing their ideas to life in a beautiful painting. Creating a final product to present to parents, carers and friends really boosts a child’s sense of pride and self-belief. We’re feel proud as punch, too!

  1. Scientific play

Scientific play has gained immense popularity in recent years, captivating both children and adults alike. From slime-making to bath bomb concoctions, and ooblek experiments, scientific play offers a fun-filled pathway for exploring physics and chemistry while encouraging creativity and critical thinking.

At Incredible Kids, we believe that learning should be fun and hands-on. By combining simple ingredients like glue, borax, and food colouring, our playworkers help children to create their own stretchy and squishy slime. As they mix the ingredients together, they observe how the substances transform from liquid to solid, gaining an understanding of viscosity and molecular bonding.

Join us!

Two children playing with an orange tuff trayIn conclusion, play is at the heart of everything we do at Incredible Kids. It’s our belief that through play, children can explore, learn, and grow in ways that traditional education may not always allow.

By providing a safe and inclusive environment filled with opportunities for imaginative and physical play, we aim to support children’s development in all areas – cognitive, emotional, social, and physical. Our staff constantly witness the incredible impact that play has on children’s lives – boosting their confidence and nurturing creativity.

So, come and join us at Incredible Kids and let your child experience the magic of play! We run play sessions every Friday afternoon and all day every Saturday for young people with additional needs and their families. Together, let’s create a world where every child can thrive through the power of play. Become an Incredible member and book your play sessions.

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