Play sessions

Incredible Kids run inclusive play sessions in Bristol for children and young people between the ages of 0 up to 25 with additional needs and disabilities and their families. Parent carers and siblings are welcome at all our pre-bookable play sessions.

Our sessions are held at The Vench Advenure Playground, Romney Avenue, Lockleaze, Bristol, BS7 9TB. Watch our video to find out more. The Vench is fully wheelchair accessible.

You don’t need a diagnosis to attend our events but you must be a member. To attend our sessions, please sign up for our membership system before you book any events. All sessions need to be pre-booked once you have signed up for membership and your membership has been approved.

Our play sessions

Incredible Saturdays – family play sessions

Our family play sessions help children with additional needs and their families to have fun and make friends. Our team of playworkers welcome families every Saturday across 4 pre-bookable play sessions. Whether your child likes to swing, climb, slide, trampoline, play in our giant sand pit, make slime, skate, scoot, chill in our sensory room or make crafts…we have something for everyone! 

Incredible Fridays – family play session and a hot meal for the kids

After school on Fridays, we help your young ones (and you!) to let off steam, have fund and make friends. Halfway through our Friday session, we serve your young ones a complimentary hot meal and a delicious pudding and encourage them to take part in creating it!

Quiet sessions

We know that many of our families need a much quieter environment. Whilst all of our group sizes are small, we also run extra quiet sessions on Saturday mornings limited to 7 families (instead of our usual 12 families per play session). We have a huge outdoor space and indoor zones, so it never feels busy. These sessions help children who are particularly anxious. There are many reason why this sessions might best suit you family, so give it a go if you’re new to us!

Incredible Girls

Parents and carers told us that their daughters wanted help forging friendships. This session is dedicated to girls with additional needs and their siblings. As well as having plenty of space to play in our adventure playground, our playworkers encourage girls to get messy, make slime and form strong bonds with others. These sessions take place on the first Saturday of every month.

Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) support sessions

PDA is a form of anxiety-driven autism. Every child with PDA presents differently, some become very withdrawn while others take charge with super confidence. Finding what works for your family is the key. If you believe your child may have symptoms of PDA, then our support sessions are for you. These sessions are run by parents of children with PDA. Come and play as a family, have a cuppa and meet other families like yours. 

Our Playworkers and Volunteers

Our playworkers and volunteers help parents, children and young people who visit us to have fun, make friends and stay safe. We’ve added some of their photos so you can prepare for your visit.

Jeanna - Service Manager
Jeanna – Service Manager
I can usually be found creating crazy messy play scenes and rigging up slime stations. I love watching the kids take a lolly from our giant sweet basket at the gates when we close. To me, it’s the equivalent of the curtain call cheer. I love the fact they run to the feedback board with little pudgy fingers sticking smiles on for us. I love working at Incredible Kids, for me it isnt like a job.
Amber - Playworker
Amber – Playworker
Amber loves making children smile by facepainting, doing girls makeup and making slime. She has been working for us since she was 15. She mainly works on Saturdays.
Rachael - Parent Welcomer
Rachael – Parent Welcomer
I’m a friendly face at sessions to help new families settle in and welcome you. If you’ve had a tough week, i’ll be there with a cup of tea and a listening ear. I understand the challenges you face on a daily basis and I visit with my own children with additional needs. I volunteer to give something back to the charity and support other families like my own.



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