Would you like to give time to an award-winning, innovative children’s charity?

Would you enjoy helping children and young people with additional needs learn and develop useful skills through play?  Or would you prefer a role behind the scenes that strengthens the service we provide?

Whatever you’re interested, we’re sure we have a role for you. We think all our volunteers are truly Incredible, it’s even in the job titles.

To apply to volunteer at Incredible Kids roles please fill in our volunteer application form.

Incredible Playworker

Are you passionate about working with children and young people with additional needs? By being a volunteer playworker, you’d be giving your time to a Bristol-based innovative charity and would be helping children and young people learn and develop useful skills through play, all white having fun! We are currently in need of volunteer playworkers on Fridays from 3.30pm to 8pm and Saturdays 9am to 6pm at the Vench, Bristol, BS7.

Incredible Micro-Volunteer

Want to make a difference but short on time? Micro-volunteering is the perfect opportunity for busy families who want to get involved and support Incredible Kids. With quick and easy tasks that you can do whenever and wherever you have a moment to spare, you’ll be helping us in our mission to support Incredible families.

Our volunteer support team will keep you updated with new activities to get involved in, and we have a list of mini ideas to get you started, each taking just five or ten minutes. Plus, you’ll have access to our Incredible Krew support group, where you can connect with other Micro-Volunteers and stay in the loop with our latest updates. Join our Incredible Krew today and make a big positive difference with just a little time and effort! Find out more about this role and apply to be an Incredible Micro-Volunteer.

Incredible Baker

Do you have a passion for baking as well as putting a smile on the face of a child? If so we have the perfect role for you! Could you bake some cakes for a session once a month? Cupcakes, tiffin, brownies – we love them all. Find out more about an Incredible Baker.

Incredible Administrator

Do you enjoy a varied role, knowing that you are helping disabled children? Are you a motivated self-starter able to work alone or as part of a small team? If you are highly organised, able to multitask and enjoy making sure that everything is running smoothly behind the scenes, then this role would be perfect for you!

Incredible Social Media Assistant

Our social media assistants help us engage with our members, encourage interaction, communicate the issues they face, showcase our services, and promote the impact of our charity. You’ll be guided by our Communications and Marketing Officer and will engage with our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn audience, or whichever platform you feel most comfortable using.

Incredible Trustee

Make a difference to young lives in Bristol today. Read more about the role of trustee in our Trustee Information Pack 2020. To apply, please complete the application in our Incredible Trustee Application Pack and email it to contact@incrediblekids.org.uk

Incredible Blog Writer

Are you a creative writer, able to write passionately about issues that disabled families face? If you enjoy writing engaging content, then this role would be perfect for you. Our blog writers help us communicate our values and showcase our services, as well as promote the impact of our charity.

You’ll create interesting blog posts about the issues our families face. We want blogs focued on issues around disability, friendship, isolation, having fun as a family, school and social support, and a wide range of stories that will get our audience talking to each other and about us.

Incredible Finance Assistant

Do you love making sense of the numbers? Do you like to keep a tight reign on a budget? Are you passionate about helping non-finance people understand financial information? Then this could be the role for you. We’re looking for a volunteer to help with financial management. We have around 30 bank transactions a month so the task is a small, part time role with a commitment of around 4 hours per month. The role can be undertaken remotely using Quickbooks and Excel.

Incredible Fundraiser

Our volunteer fundraisers help us ensure the smooth running of the charity behind the scenes by undertaking a wide range of small tasks. You’ll use strong communication skills to write letters and complete forms. Ideally, you’ll need to:

  • Understand the issues our families face
  • Be passionate about our charity and keen to promote our work
  • Be good at sharing issues with compassion and the right tone
  • Have basic financial skills to understand simple project budgets
  • Enjoy networking with people on social media

What you’ll do:

  • Write applications for funding and grants
  • Search for new opportunities, trusts and grants to apply for and communicate these to our team
  • Network to encourage companies and trust/grant-making bodies to contribute
  • Assist our trustees and fundraisers in implementing our strategy for fundraising
  • Use LinkedIn to raise the profile of Incredible Kids amongst companies and funders
  • You’ll follow our guidelines and complete paperwork as needed

To apply for any of the roles above please fill in our volunteer application form.

Read about our current and past volunteers

Kirstie has been volunteering at Incredible Kids since 2014. She told us her story: I used to volunteer with different groups supporting children who have special needs in the past but had to suddenly stop this due to my own health and was not able to return to what I was doing. I wanted to find a charity that supported children with special needs that I could get involved with within my current limitations which greatly effected my ability to play directly with children, I found this within Incredible Kids. Volunteer Incredible Kids were supportive and understanding of my own limitations enabling me to try and see how and what I could manage to do. When I started I found the welcoming and friendly atmosphere invaluable for me as I needed the social interaction myself as much as wanting to volunteer to support the organisation. Not only does this charity provide invaluable support to families with a child with special needs, the other volunteers are a great group to work with. There are a variety of volunteer roles and the organisers are helpful in working with you to find the right role for you. The most memorable thing I have taken away from Incredible Kids are the parents dealing with a child having a meltdown whilst the volunteers and other parents are carrying on with what they are doing not judging but provide available to provide practical emotional support for the parent during/after. Which is very different to the reactions I used to get when I use to take different children with special needs who have meltdowns out into local parks and for days out.” Kirstie enjoyed volunteering at Incredible Kids so much that she then joined us as a trustee!
Margreth joined us as she wanted to gain work experience with children that have additional needs. “For me volunteering was a starting point in developing knowledge and understanding with regards to children with special needs in after school/ weekend play group sessions. The environment was ideal because parents, carers, support workers and other volunteers where present. The Volunteers at Incredible Kids are sincerely welcoming with open arms. I had the feeling that everyone attending sessions whether playing, coming in for a chat, or helping out is treated as equal, nobody is being judged. Ideas will be listened to and generally, the aim is very much to let children have fun or let off steam. But also being able to watch parents have a break or catch up on news, and share concerns with each other. There is a strong sense that as a volunteer you belong to a special community, a caring community. Margreth Through volunteering, I have had the chance to meet like-minded people. It is wonderful to be able to just approach anyone at Incredible Kids to discuss anything and share thoughts. Somehow you can not fail to make friends around such dedicated people. Incredible Kids are a wonderful charity letting volunteers explore about how they can make use of the time, help or support to make a difference. The most memorable thing is being able to involve a child with special needs in suitable play resulting in making a difference. The realisation of the diversity of challenges children and parents have to face on a daily basis. The commitment and innovative ways organisers engage in to make such an incredible club roll on year in year out, and with a smile on their faces. Getting to know part of the local community. Self development, now looking at certain matters in a completely different way. Just being accepted and respected. The time spent at IK has given me confidence. The best experience that volunteering has given me is widening an understanding to a new realistic world. I now know something virtually millions of other people choose to ignore to understand. Margreth spent many many hours helping at Incredible Kids. Not only did she give up her time but she also nominated us to her employer who raised over £1000 for us at Christmas. Thank you Margreth!
I started volunteering at Incredible Kids because I loved being able to volunteer my time to help families and their children. I love the atmosphere at Incredible Kids. We all cared for each other. It was amazing being able to give each child the attention they needed and give them a safe and fun environment to play in It's extremely rewarding being a volunteer at Incredible Kids. I would encourage people to volunteer because the group needs you. Families need that support and know that they have someone to talk to. The most memorable part of being a volunteer is having that sense of pride in what you are doing. Feeling proud that I could help the families that came to the sessions and give each child the attention and care that they needed. I have happy memories of ik and hope to return one day soon as a volunteer
I wanted to volunteer as I was a service user and the work Incredible Kids do is amazing and inspiring. It's extremely rewarding and the support you receive is brilliant. I loved working with the families and making them feel welcome, providing support where it is needed most.
I volunteered in the cafe at Incredible Kids as I wanted to give some of my spare time to help others and wanted to help in a kitchen/ cafe environment. The best thing about volunteering is meeting all the different people and knowing that my small contribution was helping them a little bit. If you are thinking of volunteering do it! Incredible Kids is a great charity with excellent values and any bit of help you give will be a big help for others. My favourite memories are of playing peek-a-boo with Josiah over the counter with a dinosaur!

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