Safeguarding Notice

Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults

Good Practice Guide

  • Treat all children, young people and vulnerable adults with respect
  • Avoid inappropriate conduct in speech or action
  • Challenge unacceptable behaviour
  • Respect the right of individuals to privacy and dignity
  • Be cautious when discussing sensitive issues with children, young people, vulnerable adults and parents/carers

Responding to Disclosure

  • Do listen and continue to listen
  • Do explain what will happen next
  • Do report all allegations/suspicions of abuse discreetly to Incredible Kids Safeguarding nominated lead or deputy at earliest opportunity.
  • Do seek help from medical staff, social services or the police if there is immediate risk
  • Do write a factual account of the situation immediately and sign
  • Do Not question or investigate
  • Do Not pass judgement or draw conclusions
  • Do Not appear shocked or angry
  • Do Not promise confidentiality, but only tell others in the reporting process.  
  • Do Not confront the abuser / accused
  • Do Not risk contaminating evidence
  • Do Not discourage children, young people or vulnerable adults who want to talk to you about attitudes or behaviours of others
  • Do Not allow yourself to be alone with children, young people or vulnerable adults

Important Contact Details 

Incredible Kids Safeguarding Nominated Lead: Jeanna Bhalerao 07857503848

Incredible Kids Safeguarding Nominated Deputy: Jennie Prewett 07766252320

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