Help fundraise to give Incredible Kids a permanent home

Give Bristol's Incredible Kids a home

Incredible Kids is a lifeline for 2,000 Bristolians – children with disabilities and their whole families.

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For 10 years we’ve been running inclusive play sessions, supporting one another, and helping families through the challenges they face. Our specialist play workers help every child to develop and express themselves through play. Our community embraces families who felt isolated before. 

There’s no other provision like this in Bristol running year-round play sessions and support for the whole family.

But we still don’t have our own space.

Incredible Kids has rented several different premises over the years, and it’s far from ideal.

We need somewhere to store the bulky specialist equipment that the children use. We need a permanent base that gives the children stability – changing locations is difficult and upsetting for some of them. Bristol’s incredible kids deserve their own special place to play and to belong.

Could you be incredible too?

We’re currently raising the funds to buy a permanent play space.

Thanks to an amazing gift we now have half the funds – we need £250,000 more to make it happen.

This is your chance to be incredible. You can make a donation today and help us find a dedicated incredible home. 

Thank you!

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