Trustee Sandie Davis leaves incredible legacy

Headshot of Sandie Davies
Incredible Kids, a charity supporting disabled children and their families in Bristol, has offered family support since its inception 12 years ago. From the very beginning, Sandie Davis offered wisdom, encouragement, and support in abundance. Whilst visiting with many of her children, grandchildren and foster children Sandie believed that what we did made a difference. After another local charity stopped providing support to families, Sandie cared about the injustice suffered by local families with disabled children and fought to try to change that. Sandie joined Incredible Kids as a trustee in 2017, a pivotal year that marked our journey towards securing a permanent dedicated home—a goal we’ve pursued since we first served a cup of tea and a warm welcome to families in need.

Sandie’s recent diagnosis of Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and her passing on 10th June has deeply affected us all. In celebration of her 70th birthday in May, she initiated an Incredible Kids fundraiser, ensuring her legacy continues to support Bristol families. Support Sandie’s legacy by donating through her JustGiving page. Your contribution will help create a permanent home for Incredible Kids, fulfilling Sandie’s dream of continuous support for our community

Sandie, a dedicated mother of seven, including three adopted children with Down Syndrome and one with a rare genetic life-limiting condition, brought unparalleled passion and empathy to her role. She also fostered many children during her lifetime. During COVID-19 she juggled multiple caring responsibilities towards all of these young people who were considered at high risk if they caught the virus. She helped some of the young people she has adopted to live independently in houses across the road from her own.
Sandie was also a Councillor, campaigning from within South Glos Council for better support for disabled children. She genuinely cared about improving the support for disabled children and challenged the status quo. As a trustee of Incredible Kids, Sandie arranged numerous parent/carer meetings with coordinators of Children’s Services at the Local Authority to try to improve services for families.
Group of Incredible Kids volunteers gathered around the high sheriff to receive the Queen's Award
Incredible Kids volunteers proudly receiving the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services—a testament to the impact of Sandie’s tireless efforts.
A woman and a young man playing with a toy together
Whilst doing all of this, she also coordinated the running of Incredible Kids charity in Bristol, enabling it to stay open when possible during the lockdowns, often whilst being unable to leave home herself. The charity enabled hundreds of families across Bristol with a disabled child to have a safe place to go at a time when there were almost no other places families could go. The impact of this is immense at a time when family breakdown and mental health challenges were huge. In 2022, she won Parent Carer of the Year at the Include Awards and was a finalist for Awesome Parent at the BAPS awards.
Without Sandie’s unwavering support, Incredible Kids would not have reached its current success. Thanks to her, 6500 individuals from Bristol and beyond have found a place where they are accepted, welcomed, and understood. Join us in honouring Sandie by contributing to her JustGiving page and sending warm wishes to her family. We are so incredibly grateful for all that Sandie championed for.
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