Interview with an Incredible Kids Playworker

Q: Tell us what you do for Incredible Kids?

A: My name is James and I am one of our incredible playworkers!



Q: How did you get involved with Incredible Kids?

A: My sister is disabled and she inspired me to seek out work experience in special schools. I wanted a part-time job while at University and found Incredible Kids through the student union job site. I liked the idea of providing a safe space for families to spend their time together.

Q: What’s your favourite thing about Incredible Kids?

A: I love playing with the children, who are all amazing. Working with the charity is the most enjoyable and fulfilling job I’ve had.


Q: Tell us about an Incredible time you had with Incredible Kids?

A: Seeing children come out of their shell and getting involved is probably the most incredible thing to see. I can remember playing a game of football where all of the children engaged with each other and the playworkers.

Q: Last question; Can you tell us a joke?
A: How do snails clean their shells? Snail-varnish!

James is one of the playworkers you might see at an Incredible Kids session. Make sure you say hello and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.



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