Craft boxes

Recently, we have have been kindly awarded a grant from Quartet Community Foundation to help us support you during COVID-19 lockdown and beyond. As a result, we have created free craft packs with exciting activities for your child.

Photo shows craft boxes

The packs include: Doodle art books, sensory toys, materials to build simple crafts like wind chimes and bird feeders, sensory play material and instructions sheets for many activities. 

Our funding will allow us to offer a limited amount of these craft packs for free. In these times of uncertainty, some of our families will be experiencing financial hardship and may need to prioritise funds for life’s necessities.  If you are one of these families we warmly invite you to apply for one of our free packs by responding to us by emailing us on – craft packs will go to the first 40 requests – limited to 2 boxes per household. 

Please do send some of your craft pack creation photos to us and we will zap them on the next newsletter for everyone to admire! The packs are diminishing fast, but there’s still a fine chance of nabbing one or two. We only have a limited amount left, but you could be lucky!

If you would love to own a pack for FREE and are finding it difficult to afford the resources, then write to us at with a simple no explanation ‘ I’d love a pack ‘ and we will be delighted to send you one or two.

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