Incredible Kids at Patchway Children’s Centre this September

Child in a blue egg chair smiling at a playworkerWe’re excited to announce that all our play sessions will be based at Patchway Children’s Centre throughout September, instead of The Vench in Lockleaze.

We’ll be welcoming in autumn by get cosy and crafty in our play sessions – join us! Check out all our play sessions and book.

What’s at Patchway Children’s Centre?

We based ourselves at Patchway for some of last summer’s play sessions and we had wonderful feedback from our members about the indoor space.  If you’re not familiar with it, Patchway Children’s Centre is fully wheelchair-accessible and features a soft-floored and airy indoor space with different zones for your young ones to relax in. It’s a calm environment with plenty of sensory toys to engage with.

View of a room with carpet, bean bags and sensory lights. There’s a kitchen area for parents to enjoy a cuppa and connect with fellow families who have a child with additional needs, if you want to. There’s also a messy area where your child can get creative with paint and all things SLIME.

At our Friday sessions we offer a hot meal for our young ones to tuck into.

The paved outdoor space is safe and gated with plenty of play equipment, such as slides and tuff trays which our playworkers will fill with sensory activities each session.

Whether your young one fancies getting messy at the table with crafts, building a den or relaxing in front of the sensory bubble tubes – our playworkers are there to facilitate your fun!

Our September play sessions

Incredible Saturdays at Patchway

Our family play sessions help children with additional needs and their families to have fun and make friends. Our team of playworkers welcome families every Saturday across four pre-bookable play sessions.

Family  Friday  at  PatchwayChild holding up a pack of cards to a playworker. Another playworker watches them, smiling. They are sat on a blue carpe and bean bags.

After school on Fridays, we help your young ones (and you!) to let off steam, have fund and make friends. Halfway through our Friday session, we serve your young ones a complimentary hot meal and a delicious pudding and encourage them to take part in creating it!

Quiet sessions at Patchway

We know that many of our families need a much quieter environment to play and relax in. Whilst all of our group sizes are small, we also run this extra quiet session with limited family spaces.

These weekly quiet sessions aim to help young people who are particularly anxious or find it difficult to cope with busy environments. There are many reasons why these calmer sessions might suit your family. If this sounds like it could be for you then we’d love to see you there!

Incredible Girls play at Patchway

Parents and carers told us that their daughters wanted help forging friendships. This session is dedicated to girls with additional needs and their siblings. As well as having plenty of space to play in our adventure playground, our playworkers encourage girls to get messy, make slime and form strong bonds with others. These sessions take place on the first Saturday of every month.

Incredible Under 8s at Patchway

A play session aimed at young people with additional needs and their siblings below eight years old.

Child facing two tubes full of bubbles lit by a pink light.Patchway Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) support sessions

Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) is a form of anxiety-driven autism and is characterised by avoiding things (even things you really want to do!)

Every child with PDA presents differently, some become very withdrawn while others take charge with super confidence. Finding what works for your family is the key. Join our Incredible Kids community of families and chat to those who understand.

On the last Saturday of every month our afternoon play session is dedicated to those with PDA symptoms aged 0-25 and their families. If this sounds like this could be for you, do come along tomorrow!

Who are the play sessions for?

Young people with additional needs aged 0-25 and their families are welcome. You don’t need a diagnosis to attend.

Where is it?Gated outside play area with a tuff tray full of dinosaurs and a climbing frame in the background.

Patchway Children’s Centre is at 5 Epney Cl, Patchway, Bristol.

Please note that the Google Maps postcode BS34 5LN takes you to the back of the building. We advise you to use BS34 5TF (Coniston Medical Practice), which takes you to a free carpark with easy access to the building and clear signage.

This takes them to a big free car park right next to the centre where they can access the building easily without a walk. The Google maps post code is wrong and basically takes you to the back of it

There’s plenty of on-street parking as well as three spaces directly outside the venue.

This location change is due to construction work happening at The Vench. We apologise if this causes confusion or disruption to your family. We’ll be back at The Vench in October.

Book your Patchway play session

Come and be silly, spend quality time together and connect with other families like yours. Check out all our play sessions and book.


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