Incredible Chemistry Day inspires disabled children and engages them in STEM subjects

Child in googles and adult in a lab coat scooping white powderWe want to help inspire the next generation of scientists in order to create a more equal an sustainable world for disabled people to thrive in.
Our aim is to offer Incredible STEM sessions, focuses on providing inclusive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities to kids with disabilities and additional needs.
Families have told us that their children are often excluded from the most exciting parts of science at school. STEMconnector’s Role Models Matter said 82% of disabled individuals who participated in STEM programs expressed an increased interest in pursuing STEM-related careers.
Our mission is to ensure young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) feel inspired and included and so we began our Incredible STEM project by hosting an Incredible Chemistry Day in October 2023.Child at Incredible Kids beside yellow and red balloons covering test tubes
We invited kids with additional needs and their families to grab their lab coats and conjure their best Einstein hair ready for an action-packed Saturday of extraordinary experiments, facilitated by Mad Science – a STEM enrichment provider for inquisitive young minds!
We were over the moon to have received funding from the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Outreach Fund to help provide engaging and accessible STEM activities to boost young people’s self-esteem and curiosity. It’s not just about learning; it’s about providing an inclusive environment where they can have fun, make friends, and feel like they truly belong.
Mad Science’s activities included volcanos, cannister Cannons, colour mixing concoctions, self-inflating balloons, fog-filled bubbles and a dry ice shower!
Here’s what families said about our Incredible Chemistry Day…
“My children both have selective mutism and find it hard to engage. Both of my children loved watching the balloons and got involved with the bubbles once they felt more comfortable. They enjoyed telling their dad about it when they got home. Both had a fantastic time so thank you.” —  Michala Clark
“My son was really engaged with all the science activities and was full of questions for the scientists. He enjoyed the sensory experiences of the bubbles, textures of the algae, and the ‘snow’. He was also interested in the science behind the experiments and asking how they worked. He really enjoyed the chemistry and the activity enabled him to engage with some of the other children there too. It was great to see them interacting and then going off to play happily together around the grounds.” — Parent at Incredible Kids
“Our children had lots of fun joining in with experiments and observing the playworkers with huge smiles on their faces. Thank you so much for a fantastic session and they loved the extra stickers! They don’t usually stand still! To have them standing still and paying attention was magical. We will definitely be investing in a chemistry set for Christmas.” — Simon and Zoe Wilson

Bubbles overflowing from a test tube

We sent all Incredible Chemistry Day attendees a feedback survey and we’re so grateful for the comments and suggestions on how to better tailor the STEM experience for the needs and interests of  kids with SEND. We’ll be taking all suggestions on board for another Incredible Chemistry Day in February 2024.

Throughout our regular play sessions, we aim to create play tray and table-based experiences that are specifically tailored to accommodate a range of disabilities. Slime is a staple at our sessions and a great way to learn about states of matter and viscosity.

Exploring water bead develops kids’ understanding of states of matter while developing fine motor skills. Crafting bath bombs, potions, and bath bags encourage a curiosity for chemisty and our gardening activities bring the magic of biology to life!

We designed ‘I’m an Incredible Chemist’ stickers to award all children who attended out Chemistry Day.Boy smiling beside a pot of blue slime

Our organisation provides an inclusive and welcoming space with specialist toys and equipment that meet the diverse and unique needs of children with a wide range of disabilities. Over 900 families access our truly unique service.

Our charity has become a vital lifeline that provides an essential service to families in Bristol and surrounding local authorities, whose needs are often overlooked by mainstream services.

Keep your eyes peels for another Incredible Chemistry Day in February 2024.

In the meantime, browse and book our regular play sessions, jam-packed with engaging activities for young people with SEND.




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