Incredible Kids charity seeks new trustees

Two caucasian women chatting on a sofa with cups of teaIncredible Kids is an award winning Christian children’s disability charity helping disabled young people and their families to make friends and have fun. We are looking for trustees with the skills to help us develop our business plan.

What will you be doing?

We run Bristol-based inclusive play sessions to help children with SEND to forge friendships and to offer support and an understanding community to parents and carers. We’re all about faciliating fun for families to enjoy quality time together without being judged.

Whether you are an experienced trustee or want to take your first step at board level, we want to hear from you. We are looking for active trustees with around 6 – 8 hours a month to contribute.

We are looking for trustees with the skills to help us develop our business plan and deliver the next stage of our project to secure a permanent home for our service. We currently rent our play space, which has its limitations.

What are we looking for?

Group of children and adults on brown sofas listening to an entertainer.We are looking for trustees with the skills to help us develop our business plan and deliver the next stage of our project to secure a permanant home for our service. That could mean many things but we are particulalry interested candidates with skills in marketing and finance. If you think you can make a difference with your expertise, energy and enthusasim, please apply.

Ready to apply?

Please apply through Reach in the first instance. Shortlisted candidates will be asked to complete our additional application form.

Incredible Kids aims to provide play and support services to families with a child with a disability or additional need to reduce inequality and social isolation, aiming to be incredible.

We look forward to hearing from you. Find out more about Incredible Kids trustees.

If you have any questions about the role, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Incredible community creates inclusive Christmas

Incredible Kids playworkers wearing green and holding a tray of mince piesWe want to thank everyone who has supported Incredible Kids this past year – whether you came to a play session, volunteered, baked, donated or simply spread the word about our service. We really couldn’t provide our service without you. We’re so incredibly grateful for the community that all our families, donators, staff and volunteers have helped create over the past decade.
With the cost of living rising throughout 2023, and the lack of support in the education and care systems becoming increasingly severe, the importance of selfless giving, of strengthening community and spreading joy is more important than ever.

An inclusive Christmas

We like to give families a Christmas extravaganza each year as we know the festive period can be a challenging, emotionally and financially. For Christmas 2023, we went BIG. To ensure more families got to relish in the Christmas spirit of our community, we had not one, not even two but THREE Saturdays brimming with festivities, including a silent disco.

Man in colourful top hat blowing into a tube which is inflating a bubble in a boy's hand

In order to make our parties as inclusive as possible, we held dedicated Christmas parties for children under eight, for girls with additional needs to help them forge friendships and third party during our Pathological Demand Avoidance support session.
Thank you to Magic Little Grants and John James Bristol Foundation who gave us funding to make it all happen!

Incredible donations

A gargantuan THANK YOU must be given to the following superstars who made our Christmas incredible.
  • The ever-awesome Same Same but Different for being Santa and his helper
  • Bubbleologists Rainbow Gecko for creating a magical, interactive bubble experience
  • Greggs for donating delicious mince pies and treatsFour adults in red reindeer jumpers standing in a festively decorated room
  • Whoopie!! Face Painting for transforming children into animals and Christmas puds
  • Ocado donated a £50 food voucher to help us feed families with festive treats
  • Filton Morrisons customers and staff for donating food through their community champion scheme

Hartfield elves gift 300 toys

We were bowled over by the team at Hartsfield Financial Planning, who not only bought, wrapped and donated 300 gifts to give our children helped decorate the space with balloons and festive cheer. True Christmas elves!

Volunteer bakers fuel our community

Never underestimate the power of a cuppa and cake. We were overwhelmed with the response to our Christmas call out to our team of volunteer Incredible Bakers. We love this picture of pure festive joy from our Christmas party and check out that igloo cake donated from Free Cakes For Kids (see below).Gingerbread house scene in the middle of a toy wooden train track

A special thanks to:

  • Nathan for whipping up Terry’s Chocolate Orange cupcakes (!)
  • Alice and Alice’s mum their delicious Malteser-covered bakes
  • Noah who is baking us scrumptious cakes for his Duke of Edinburgh Award

Aren’t we lucky to have such talent within our community. If you’re interested becoming an Incredible Baker, you can find out more on our volunteer page.

Incredible Chistmas Auction

Our fabulous Trustee and wine expert, Jai Breitnauer, organised an Incredible Christmas Auction in which we raised £97! The Bristol Old Vic were kind enough to donate four tickets to see Arabian Nights and another four to see Four Seasons. Browns Brasserie donated tickets for a tea for two experience and Jai herself added an extra special gift of wine tasting for a group of six! All prizes have now been claimed.
We may be a small charity but we hope our services have a big impact on those families we support. We hope to see you at a play session soon and we wish you a healthy, happy 2024!
Group of children gathered around a cake shaped like an igoo

Incredible Chemistry Day inspires disabled children and engages them in STEM subjects

Child in googles and adult in a lab coat scooping white powderWe want to help inspire the next generation of scientists in order to create a more equal an sustainable world for disabled people to thrive in.
Our aim is to offer Incredible STEM sessions, focuses on providing inclusive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities to kids with disabilities and additional needs.
Families have told us that their children are often excluded from the most exciting parts of science at school. STEMconnector’s Role Models Matter said 82% of disabled individuals who participated in STEM programs expressed an increased interest in pursuing STEM-related careers.
Our mission is to ensure young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) feel inspired and included and so we began our Incredible STEM project by hosting an Incredible Chemistry Day in October 2023.Child at Incredible Kids beside yellow and red balloons covering test tubes
We invited kids with additional needs and their families to grab their lab coats and conjure their best Einstein hair ready for an action-packed Saturday of extraordinary experiments, facilitated by Mad Science – a STEM enrichment provider for inquisitive young minds!
We were over the moon to have received funding from the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Outreach Fund to help provide engaging and accessible STEM activities to boost young people’s self-esteem and curiosity. It’s not just about learning; it’s about providing an inclusive environment where they can have fun, make friends, and feel like they truly belong.
Mad Science’s activities included volcanos, cannister Cannons, colour mixing concoctions, self-inflating balloons, fog-filled bubbles and a dry ice shower!
Here’s what families said about our Incredible Chemistry Day…
“My children both have selective mutism and find it hard to engage. Both of my children loved watching the balloons and got involved with the bubbles once they felt more comfortable. They enjoyed telling their dad about it when they got home. Both had a fantastic time so thank you.” —  Michala Clark
“My son was really engaged with all the science activities and was full of questions for the scientists. He enjoyed the sensory experiences of the bubbles, textures of the algae, and the ‘snow’. He was also interested in the science behind the experiments and asking how they worked. He really enjoyed the chemistry and the activity enabled him to engage with some of the other children there too. It was great to see them interacting and then going off to play happily together around the grounds.” — Parent at Incredible Kids
“Our children had lots of fun joining in with experiments and observing the playworkers with huge smiles on their faces. Thank you so much for a fantastic session and they loved the extra stickers! They don’t usually stand still! To have them standing still and paying attention was magical. We will definitely be investing in a chemistry set for Christmas.” — Simon and Zoe Wilson

Bubbles overflowing from a test tube

We sent all Incredible Chemistry Day attendees a feedback survey and we’re so grateful for the comments and suggestions on how to better tailor the STEM experience for the needs and interests of  kids with SEND. We’ll be taking all suggestions on board for another Incredible Chemistry Day in February 2024.

Throughout our regular play sessions, we aim to create play tray and table-based experiences that are specifically tailored to accommodate a range of disabilities. Slime is a staple at our sessions and a great way to learn about states of matter and viscosity.

Exploring water bead develops kids’ understanding of states of matter while developing fine motor skills. Crafting bath bombs, potions, and bath bags encourage a curiosity for chemisty and our gardening activities bring the magic of biology to life!

We designed ‘I’m an Incredible Chemist’ stickers to award all children who attended out Chemistry Day.Boy smiling beside a pot of blue slime

Our organisation provides an inclusive and welcoming space with specialist toys and equipment that meet the diverse and unique needs of children with a wide range of disabilities. Over 900 families access our truly unique service.

Our charity has become a vital lifeline that provides an essential service to families in Bristol and surrounding local authorities, whose needs are often overlooked by mainstream services.

Keep your eyes peels for another Incredible Chemistry Day in February 2024.

In the meantime, browse and book our regular play sessions, jam-packed with engaging activities for young people with SEND.




How to make Christmas Incredible for children with additional needs

Caucasian woman with a purple hoodie on smiling at the cameraHi, Jennie here, Founder of Incredible Kids and Mum to children with additional needs.

I’ll always remember one of our first Christmases together as a family. I had hand sewn a beautiful advent calendar with my child’s name and filled it with treats. Little did I know that my son had Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) – hanging 24 chocolates in front of him and telling him he could only enjoy one a day wasn’t a good start…
Coming from a wonderful large family, everything was overwhelming with hundreds of brightly wrapped presents accompanied by expectations and loud cheers as each present was opened. It wasn’t long before the meltdowns arrived thick and fast and we quickly had to adapt our plans.
The holiday season is a time of joy, togetherness, and creating lasting memories. At Incredible Kids, we understand that families with disabled children may face unique challenges during this festive season. That’s why we asked our members for their top tips and ideas on how to prepare for a calm and joyful Christmas that ensures your child feels content and less stressed.
  1. Create a Sensory-Friendly Environment

For children with sensory sensitivities, the hustle and bustle of Christmas can be overwhelming. To make your home and activities are sensory haven, consider these tips:
  • Soft lighting: Use gentle, warm lighting to create a cosy atmosphere. Keep sunglasses on hand for bright overwhelming times.
  • Calm decorations: Keep things simple.
  • Noise management: Invest in noise-canceling headphones.
  • Comfort zones: Create a designated quiet space where your child can retreat if they need a break. Consider a calming down tent if space is limited.
  1. Plan Ahead

Start planning your Christmas activities well in advance to reduce stress for both you and your child. Make a visual schedule with pictures or drawings to help your child understand what to expect. This can include decorating the tree, baking goodies, and opening presents.Two women chatting on a sofa with cups of tea

  1. Inclusive Decorations

Involve your child in decorating the Christmas tree if you think that would help them or decorate it when they are out if you think they will be overwhelmed by the process. Let them choose decorations that they like, or even create their own. This gives them a sense of ownership and participation in Christmas preparations. Help them to decide when the tree will go up and when it will be taken down.
  1. Sensory-Friendly Gifts

Select gifts that cater to your child’s needs. If your child has a meltdown over those frustrating toys relatives sometimes buy then maybe you could create an Amazon wish list (much like our Incredible Kids wish list) with ideas you know will work well for them. Consider items like fidget toys, weighted blankets, or sensory bins filled with different textures. These gifts can be both fun and calming.
Wrapping paper can be overwhelming so consider wrapping gifts in brown paper to tone down the overwhelm. Depending on your child’s age, expectations and needs you might want to spread presents out over the course of the day or week if that helps. If there’s a chance they may open the gifts early, then keep them hidden until the day. One of our families suggested printing photo labels of who each gift belongs to so that your child can understand who’ll be opening it.
  1. Simplify Traditions

If certain Christmas traditions cause stress or anxiety for your child, it’s okay to simplify or skip them altogether. Focus on the activities that bring the most joy and create cherished memories.
  1. Prepare for Santa

Meeting Santa can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be intimidating. To make the visit enjoyable:Image of person in Santa costume and woman behind a Christmas tree in a red hat with red long hair.

  1. It doesn’t have to be Turkey 🦃

One of our members has a cold buffet every year on Christmas day. None of their kids like roast dinners and preparing one makes the parents stressed so they’ve changed what they do. It may not look right to the outside world but it’s about what works for you. Consider involving your child in the preparation of these special dishes.
  1. Incredible Self-Care

Taking care of yourself is essential. We all know that but it’s easier said than done. When you’re well-rested and relaxed, you can better support your child. Remember to carve out time for self-care, even if it’s just a few minutes to recharge.
Kate Laine-Toner has created a free Vimeo training video session for parents to help them support their autistic children at Christmas and during the holidays. It includes information about managing SEND school issues, low demand parenting and other issues that affect children with autism at Christmas time.
  1. Embrace the Magic of the Season

Two children on a sofa with Santa hats onLastly, remember that the true spirit of Christmas is not about how many gifts you have or whether your Christmas looks the same as everyone else. If you want to focus on the real meaning of Christmas, St Mary’s Church in Timsbury near Bath has a Special Carol Service especially for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and their families. Join them on Sunday 10 December at 3pm to sing some festive carols, followed by hot chocolate.
Christmas is a time to celebrate with love and understanding, and with a few thoughtful preparations, you can help to reduce stress for you and your child with additional needs. At Incredible Kids, we’re here to support you and your family every step of the way. We can’t guarantee a meltdown-free Christmas, but we hope that some of these tips will help.
Have a wonderful Christmas that’s right for you.
Jennie Prewett

Incredible Care Kits boost wellbeing of disabled children and their families

Group of children and parents smiling with tote bagsThis half term, we hosted an Incredible Care Day. With the nights drawing in, we wanted to support families who have a child with additional needs and offer Incredible Care Kits stuffed with pick-me-ups to boost their wellbeing.

We invited families along to our Incredible Care Day with inclusive play sessions facilitated by our team of playworkers.  We dedicated an afternoon play session to welcoming new members into our community and were delighted that all 4 sessions were sold out!

The night before our Care Day, our team of staff and volunteers beavered away filling over 70 Incredible Kids tote bags.
Through ActionFunder, Nespresso generously funded our Incredible Care Kits. We made sure they were jam-packed with treats to keep our families comfy, cosy and calm including bath bombs donated from Lush, stationery bundles from John Lewis, fluffy hot water bottles and  blankets, chocolates, coffee and fidget toys.

Tote bag on a table with a selection of goodies around itThe best part? Earlier this autumn, we asked our community what they’d most appreciate finding in a goodie bag. Families who visit us helped choose what went into these kits, making them extra special and tailored to the needs and preferences of each family. It’s all about coming together as a community to support one another.

The day went down a storm. Here’s what our families thought…

The care kit was such a lovely pick-me-up so, thank you very much. Things can often be so tough bringing up children with complex needs and especially doing it on my own as a single parent, so to have a safe space to take the children in an environment that is so inclusive we love coming along to Incredible kids and the care kit was full of a variety of different bits that will be enjoyed by the whole family.” — Rainna James

“It was nice to receive a gift for being a carer, I don’t often get presents so it was really appreciated and made my day. Incredible Kids is a place for both parents and children, it’s non-judgmental and kids can just play without any interference and can just be themselves. There’s plenty of information and advice available from other parents as well as staff. It’s a great place to go.” —Nina Woolfenden

Young child holding a tote bag with Incredible Kids playworker“I think the kits were beautiful and the most generous of gifts we’ve ever received, really really thoughtful. You are all amazing and without you guys we’d be at home feeling lonely and bored.”— Sheralyn Hill

“Looking after a SEND child often feels like a thankless task. The incredible care kit was a lovely gesture that lifted our spirits. The little notebook & sensory keyring were a big hit with my daughter.” —Incredible Kids mum

“Our visits to Incredible kids add comfort to every family member’s life, reduce the level of stress and give ideas for exciting family activities.” —Mariia Dolbunova

We’re incredibly grateful for the love and generosity of Nespresso, our supporters our volunteers. Thank you for making these care kits possible, and for helping us make the world a little warmer and brighter for disabled children and their families.

Browse all our upcoming play sessions.


Amber’s Incredible story – from service user to beloved playworker

Image of young woman with blonde hair and a purple hoodie smiling at the camera.I’m Amber, a former Incredible Kids Playworker, and I’ve been invited to share my experience of Incredible Kids across 10 years.

My journey with Incredible Kids began a decade ago when I started to attend their play sessions as a sibling of a young boy with additional needs.

From a young age, Incredible Kids was a safe space for me to be myself with the added security of support and guidance for my brother and mum when it was needed. I always enjoyed hearing that we were going to be spending our Saturday surrounded by supportive and understanding families.

Incredible Kids’ playworkers always made sure that I was entertained and was receiving attention – something that there wasn’t much time for at home due to my brother requiring a lot of support from the whole family. Whether it was board games, crafts or just having a conversation, I always appreciated the time that Incredible Kids staff gave to me.

Incredible Kids has had many venues in the past decade. I joined back when we were providing support out of a local church in Bristol. We then changed locations to an old office building in Thornbury before moving to a building situated by the Severn Bridge, which is the building in which I went from an Incredible Kids member to an official employed playworker.

Young woman with a child on her shoulders.Before I decided to be a playworker at aged 15, I would spend a lot of my time looking after the other children who attended the Saturday play sessions. I got the honour of looking after Josiah (pictured with me to the left) and watching him grow from a few months old to the smart young man he is today. It’s opportunities like this that make me very grateful for Incredible Kids. Despite how hard it had been caring for my older brother my whole life, I got to experience things I wouldn’t have done so if the support wasn’t there.

Once I became an Incredible Kids Playworker, I supported children through countless enjoyable hours of doing make-up, nails, crafts, milkshake-making and active games around The Vench Adventure Playground, where Incredible Kids is based now. To make sure that the parents felt listened to, I made the effort to remember what they’d told me about their life so that I could catch up with them the next week and have a genuine and informed chat about how they were feeling.

I moved to Gloucester and therefore sadly can no longer attend play sessions but my favourite part of being a playworker was the joy on the faces of the children when they heard that we were making slime, having a fire pit or playing a massive game of hide and seek.

Everyone who attends Incredible Kids is very special and unique, there’s never a dull moment for anyone involved. Witnessing children let go and supporting them to be themselves is a huge part of what makes the job so wonderful.

I hope that Incredible Kids can provide the same, safe haven for you and your family as it has done for myself and many other families.

Fnd out more about Incredible Kids play sessions or check out all the many ways that you can get involved  with Incredible Kids.


Building Dreams: Support Incredible Kids in creating a home

Group of women and girls smiling and sitting on a sofa. One girl has her face painted.

Incredible Kids has long been a place of hope and support for families with disabled children in Bristol, offering them a place where they can find understanding, community, and the resources they need to thrive.

Today, we stand at the threshold of an exciting new chapter in our journey—one that promises to support families like yours for the future, but to make this dream a reality, we need your help. With your generous donations, we aim to raise £500,000 to secure a new home for our charity, transforming it into an incredible hub that families can utilise throughout the week.

We’re halfway there, already having raised £251,200 so far!

Donate to our Incredible Home fund here.

Our vision

Our vision is simple yet profound: to create a space that not only empowers families with disabled children but also nurtures a sense of belonging and support for generations to come. The dream is to acquire a permanent home that will serve as the heart of our organisation—a place where children and their families can visit, learn, and grow together.

Our journey so far

Incredible Kids has come a long way, thanks to the unwavering support of incredible families and a generous donor. We’re thrilled to share that we’ve already secured half of the £500,000 needed for our new home. It’s a testament to the incredible community that surrounds us — a community that understands the significance of our mission and the impact it has on countless lives.

Why we need your helpA group of teenagers playing on a bucket swing outside in the sun.

While half the battle has been won, the journey isn’t complete. Your support is essential to help us reach our goal. With £500,000, we can make our vision a reality by bidding for a new home that will serve as the cornerstone of our charity.
Here’s why your donation matters:
Expanding our reach
An Incredible Home will allow us to open our doors full-time, ensuring that families have a safe and supportive space to turn to whenever they need it. This continuous support can be a lifeline for parents and children alike.
Creating an Incredible Hub
With this new space, we can collaborate with other charities to establish a hub. This hub will offer a wide range of services, support, and resources, making it a one-stop destination for families with disabled children.
Long-term impact
By securing a permanent home, we’re not just helping families today; we’re building a legacy of support for future generations. Your contribution will have a lasting impact on countless lives.

Three ways you can help

Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to our goal. Here are a three ways you can support us:Two woman, a female teenager and a young female child are sitting outside.. The teenager has faint paint on.
  1. Donate: Make a direct donation to our campaign. Every pound brings us closer to providing families with the support they deserve.
  2. Fundraise: Consider organising a fundraising event within your community, workplace, or social circle. Your efforts can make a significant difference.
  3. Share our story: Help us spread the word by sharing our campaign with your friends, family, and on social media. Awareness is key to reaching our goal.
Incredible Kids has always been about community, love, and support. With your help, we can take these values to the next level by securing an home—a place where hope and empowerment flourish.
Join us on our journey and together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of families with disabled children. Your support is not just a donation; it’s an investment in a brighter, more inclusive future for all. Thank you for being a part of our family. Incredible parents, Incredible Kids, Incredible journey!

Interested in volunteering? Come to our October open day!

Would you like to give time to an award-winning, innovative children’s charity (*ahem yes, that’s us*)?Group of children and adults on brown sofas listening to an entertainer.

Would you enjoy helping children and young people with additional needs learn and develop useful skills through play?  Or would you prefer a role behind the scenes that strengthens the service we provide?

Whatever you’re interested, we’re sure we have a role for you. On Saturday October 7th we’re welcoming all volunteers past, present and future to come along to The Vench Adventure Playground, Bristol, BS7 9TB between 11am-1pm. It’s a chance to meet our community, learn more about the space and equipment we use and connect over a cuppa!

We think all our volunteers are truly Incredible, it’s even in the job titles! The following voluntary roles are ready for you to apply for:

⭐Incredible Playworker
⭐Incredible Micro-VolunteerGroup children on a bucket swing
⭐Incredible Baker
⭐Incredible Administrator
⭐Incredible Social Media Assistant
⭐Incredible Trustee
⭐Incredible Blog Writer
⭐Incredible Finance Assistant
⭐Incredible Fundraiser
Find out more about the above roles on a volunteering page.

To apply to volunteer at Incredible Kids roles please fill in our volunteer application form.

Whether our volunteers have dedicated time to welcoming families, capturing magic moments through photography, baking cakes or helping out with the admin behind the scenes – they always do it with a smile.

We won the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service and had a fabulous celebration where we were presented the award by HM Lord Lieutenant Peaches Golding and Lee Williams DL.

In recognition of our achievement two members of the Incredible Kids team were invited to attend the Buckingham Palace Garden Party in celebration of the King’s Coronation! You can read more about our Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

Incredible Volunteers' Day flyer

Our green-fingered summer of outdoor learning

Two girls at a picnic table painting outdoor plaques with suns onAs we move into autumn, we’re reflecting on our wonderfully green summer. Our aim was was to help families from Bristol and the surrounding areas and their children with additional needs to relax and gain a deeper connection to nature.

We’re incredibly grateful to have received funding from Quartet Community Foundation and Wessex Water Foundation Environmental Fund to provide outdoor learning activities and nature-inspired crafts throughout our summer Saturday play sessions.

Our families enjoyed sculpting seed bombs, creating wormeries, making bug hotels and even natural beauty products. All participants were  awarded an ‘I’m an Incredible gardener’ sticker to boost their confidence and encourage further exploration with nature.

Play tray with a castle, green wax pellets and toy safari animals

A huge thank you also to Real Seeds for generously donated vegetable seeds for our young people to grow.

We’re incredibly grateful to Filton Town Council for helping to fund our Incredible summer, including helping to pay for The Vench Adventure Playground where we’re based, our sensory equipment and our brilliant playworkers.Boy with noise-cancelling headphones on, which have a sticker saying 'Incredible gardener' on

Every week our playworkers created new and engaging play trays to encourage sensory, imaginative and collaborative play, including a grand wax pellet farm.

Our Incredible Friday play sessions included a hot meal for every kid and in good weather we gathered around the fire pit and toasted s’smores!

We have such a strong, supportive community. We were blown away to discover that we’ve had a whopping 44% increase in members since last August!
If you join us this summer, we so appreciate it and hope you enjoyed connecting with nature and like-minded families. We’re back at The Vench this autumn and would love to celebrate crispy leaf season with you. Book a play session here.

Infographic stating a 44% increase in Incredible members from August 2022 to August 2023







Incredible Kids at Patchway Children’s Centre this September

Child in a blue egg chair smiling at a playworkerWe’re excited to announce that all our play sessions will be based at Patchway Children’s Centre throughout September, instead of The Vench in Lockleaze.

We’ll be welcoming in autumn by get cosy and crafty in our play sessions – join us! Check out all our play sessions and book.

What’s at Patchway Children’s Centre?

We based ourselves at Patchway for some of last summer’s play sessions and we had wonderful feedback from our members about the indoor space.  If you’re not familiar with it, Patchway Children’s Centre is fully wheelchair-accessible and features a soft-floored and airy indoor space with different zones for your young ones to relax in. It’s a calm environment with plenty of sensory toys to engage with.

View of a room with carpet, bean bags and sensory lights. There’s a kitchen area for parents to enjoy a cuppa and connect with fellow families who have a child with additional needs, if you want to. There’s also a messy area where your child can get creative with paint and all things SLIME.

At our Friday sessions we offer a hot meal for our young ones to tuck into.

The paved outdoor space is safe and gated with plenty of play equipment, such as slides and tuff trays which our playworkers will fill with sensory activities each session.

Whether your young one fancies getting messy at the table with crafts, building a den or relaxing in front of the sensory bubble tubes – our playworkers are there to facilitate your fun!

Our September play sessions

Incredible Saturdays at Patchway

Our family play sessions help children with additional needs and their families to have fun and make friends. Our team of playworkers welcome families every Saturday across four pre-bookable play sessions.

Family  Friday  at  PatchwayChild holding up a pack of cards to a playworker. Another playworker watches them, smiling. They are sat on a blue carpe and bean bags.

After school on Fridays, we help your young ones (and you!) to let off steam, have fund and make friends. Halfway through our Friday session, we serve your young ones a complimentary hot meal and a delicious pudding and encourage them to take part in creating it!

Quiet sessions at Patchway

We know that many of our families need a much quieter environment to play and relax in. Whilst all of our group sizes are small, we also run this extra quiet session with limited family spaces.

These weekly quiet sessions aim to help young people who are particularly anxious or find it difficult to cope with busy environments. There are many reasons why these calmer sessions might suit your family. If this sounds like it could be for you then we’d love to see you there!

Incredible Girls play at Patchway

Parents and carers told us that their daughters wanted help forging friendships. This session is dedicated to girls with additional needs and their siblings. As well as having plenty of space to play in our adventure playground, our playworkers encourage girls to get messy, make slime and form strong bonds with others. These sessions take place on the first Saturday of every month.

Incredible Under 8s at Patchway

A play session aimed at young people with additional needs and their siblings below eight years old.

Child facing two tubes full of bubbles lit by a pink light.Patchway Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) support sessions

Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) is a form of anxiety-driven autism and is characterised by avoiding things (even things you really want to do!)

Every child with PDA presents differently, some become very withdrawn while others take charge with super confidence. Finding what works for your family is the key. Join our Incredible Kids community of families and chat to those who understand.

On the last Saturday of every month our afternoon play session is dedicated to those with PDA symptoms aged 0-25 and their families. If this sounds like this could be for you, do come along tomorrow!

Who are the play sessions for?

Young people with additional needs aged 0-25 and their families are welcome. You don’t need a diagnosis to attend.

Where is it?Gated outside play area with a tuff tray full of dinosaurs and a climbing frame in the background.

Patchway Children’s Centre is at 5 Epney Cl, Patchway, Bristol.

Please note that the Google Maps postcode BS34 5LN takes you to the back of the building. We advise you to use BS34 5TF (Coniston Medical Practice), which takes you to a free carpark with easy access to the building and clear signage.

This takes them to a big free car park right next to the centre where they can access the building easily without a walk. The Google maps post code is wrong and basically takes you to the back of it

There’s plenty of on-street parking as well as three spaces directly outside the venue.

This location change is due to construction work happening at The Vench. We apologise if this causes confusion or disruption to your family. We’ll be back at The Vench in October.

Book your Patchway play session

Come and be silly, spend quality time together and connect with other families like yours. Check out all our play sessions and book.