“I feel supported by an amazing community” – Annie and Jill’s story

Two parents of separate families with their children smiling at the camera. The children are hugging.

Annie and her friend hugging after a fun day at Incredible Kids

Here at Incredible Kids, we provide a safe place for families with young people who have additional needs to come together, feel supported and have fun. Annie and Jill share the positive impact that Incredible Kids sessions have had on their lives.

“I joined Incredible Kids because I felt lonely and like no one understood me because of my Disabilities,” says Annie, one of our Incredible Kids pictured in the middle-left of the image. “I wanted to meet other children who enjoyed playing like I did, and who would accept me for who I am. I wanted to be able to have fun like other teenagers, but I needed to find a space that would allow me to do so.

“When I first came to an Incredible Kids play session, I felt uncomfortable at first because I was faced with new changes, but I quickly found my place and adjusted with new friends,” says Annie.

Our playworkers are incredible! 

We’re proud to have a passionate and hard-working team of playworkers who are there to support your family in having fun.

“I feel supported by the playworkers who care for me,” says Annie. “I like talking with the them because they listen to me and make me feel more positive, but my favourite part is getting to hug my friends,” says Annie. “All the playworkers are wonderful and they do so much for Incredible Kids.”


Relax in our sensory room A child sitting in a dark room with a glowing screen on the floor

“My most recent visit to Incredible Kids was really fun and relaxing,” says Annie. “I played with different people who I don’t normally play with and had a really good time. I felt supported when I got overwhelmed – I just went in the sensory room, which is nice because everyone else there already understands that I just need time alone. It was one of my best visits so far,” says Annie.

Be a part of a family support network

Incredible Kids offers support to whole families, not just the young person with additional needs. We encourage families to come and connect with families who understand.

“My mum felt relief when first coming to Incredible Kids as she got to talk with other parents and felt less lonely,” says Annie. “She likes people making her hot drinks too!

“Incredible Kids enables me to play with other autistic teenagers. I feel supported by an amazing community and I don’t know what I’d do without the sessions each week – they’re fun and give me comfort.

“Since coming to Incredible Kids I’ve made new friends of different ages. I love seeing them – they understand me and my difficulties,” says Annie. “Incredible Kids makes us feel less alone as a family and we have something good to look forward to every week.”

“Our kids feel confident and safe”

Jill (on the far right of first image) is parent to Sophie (next to Jill) who is one of Annie’s new friends. Jill shares with us how their family values Incredible Kids.

I read about Incredible Kids and it was the only resource that we knew of in the area that provided sessions for my children’s age range and support for parents too,” says Jill.

We really enjoyed our first session at Incredible Kids. Our girls were engaged and there was a really warm welcome. The playworkers interact with the kids, allowing respite for the parents,” says Jill.

Since visiting for the first time, our kids now want to come every week. They have made friends, which they sometimes find challenging,” says Jill. “They feel confident and safe in this environment.”

Both Annie and Jill rated their Incredible Kids experience as 5/5. We really appreciate our Incredible Families’ feedback as it helps us secure more funding to better support them. If you’d like to share your story with us, please contact us at contact@incrediblekids.org.uk

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