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Could you be our next Trustee?

Incredible Kids is a Christian charity looking for trustees with a range of professional or life experience, to join Incredible Kids Board of Trustees. The charity is motivated by Christian compassion and all trustees are expected to have a Christian commitment and uphold our Christian ethos, aims and objectives. Download our Incredible Kids Trustee Information Pack

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Interview With An Incredible Kids Playworker

Why did you want to work at Incredible Kids?

I grew up with my sister who has special needs, so to help keep her happy I would find unconventional ways of making her laugh. Due to my experience of looking after my sister, my Mother sent me a post for a play worker job at Incredible Kids.

I didn’t know much about Incredible Kids beforehand but the more I learned the more I related to what the charity was doing. At first I was worried that I might find the job difficult as I hadn’t been in this environment before but in the end it came naturally to me.

What do you love most about your job?

I love meeting all of the different kinds of people that come to the sessions. It’s nice talking to the parents and getting to know the children and finding out what makes them smile. It feels heart warming that I can help provide an environment where they can be happy and feel at home.

Which was your most memorable moment at Incredible Kids?

This is a difficult one as there are lot of things that stand out. One thing that stands out in particular was when we created a winter wonderland at The Vench. It was something that the entire team put their all into and the results were amazing and lots of fun. It really felt like something special and it was awesome to see all the families come and enjoy it. But if you asked me on a different day my answer would probably be different!

How has working at Incredible Kids changed you?

It’s given me a new perspective when it comes to special needs. A lot of the children do struggle with things due to their disability but they are often clever, imaginative, creative, funny, kind and amazing. This is the same for everyone as we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

In a lot of ways I can see myself in some of the children that come because I have things that I’m not so good at and things that I am better at. It’s been a confirmation to me that whether or not you have a disability, you are a special person.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Snacking on noodles. Yum!

If, after reading how much fun we have at Incredible Kids it’s made you want to volunteer for us, just take a look here for more information.