Incredible Calendar – for a disability friendly holiday.

Summer holidays with a disabled child fills some families with relief and excitement at the freedom, lack of school runs, plans for road trips and thoughts of days at the beach. Others are anxious about the change in routine, concerns over how to keep children happy for 6 weeks, not sure if they will all emerge unscathed. Disability-friendly holidays take a little bit of planning to keep everyone happy.

Whichever camp you reside in, our Incredible Summer Calendar will help you plan your time, keep track of our sessions and set your goals for the season. It’s hard to remember all the days we are open and all the other plans you’ve made for the summer so our simple free download will help you sit down and plan before the school holidays start.

Maybe you want to have at least one trip out for ice cream at Sand Bay beach or enjoy a picnic at Ashton Court, our calendar helps you plan those 6 weeks. Whatever you add to your calendar, remember that even the best-laid plans need to change so be prepared for things to go wrong and build in some flexibility and contingency ideas.

Keep a cupboard filled with popcorn and some films on standby for those days when everything goes wrong. Check out these tips for making summer special and a disability-friendly holiday. Also, check out Contact’s holiday guide.

Whatever happens – Incredible Kids is here for you on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays all summer. Our play sessions help disabled children have fun and make friends. We have so many sessions this summer, whatever additional needs your child has. They don’t need a diagnosis to become a member and siblings are just as much part of the Incredible Family as everyone else. Our sessions are held at The Vench in Lockleaze. To become a member sign up here. It’s not too late to become a member and visit this summer but be quick as our sessions fill up very quickly.

Download our Incredible Calendar here!