Our History

Incredible Kids was created by parents in Bristol when they lost access to a local disability centre. Our founder Jennie came up with the simple idea to meet up in a local church and all the parents worked together to bring toys, support each other and create a safe place for their families to continue to play together. Parents baked cakes, made each other cups of tea, listened to each other and created an Incredible place for the whole family to play together and look after each other. The charity may have grown but the ethos of the charity still remains with a focus on supporting each other and the power of a cup of tea.

Since the beginning it was clear that the charity needed a home and this remains our focus. Whilst we have moved many times to spaces all around Bristol and South Gloucestershire, this has made us quick to adapt and highly resilient. We believe this helped us be one of the only children’s disability charities to retain public facing family play sessions during the 2020 lockdowns when restrictions allowed. Our focus now is to secure the dedicated space where the charity can provide support to families throughout the week.

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