About us

Female playworker in purple uniform passing a pot of sand to a young girl.Hello! We’re a Bristol-based charity providing inclusive play sessions for young people with additional needs and their families. Whether you’re looking for support, advice, friendship or fun family play, there’s something for everyone at Incredible Kids.

Whatever additional needs or disability your child or young person has, Incredible Kids is a safe space where all are welcomed, accepted and understood. No diagnosis is needed. Come along for a cuppa and let our Incredible Playworkers do their magic!

View our play sessions to find out more about visiting our service. Our play sessions are currently at The Vench Adventure Playground, Romney Avenue, Lockleaze, Bristol BS7 9TB.

The power of a cup of tea (our story in a nutshell)

Incredible Kids was created by parents in Bristol when they lost access to a local disability centre. Our founder Jennie came up with the simple idea to meet up in a local church and all the parents worked together to bring toys, support each other and create a safe place for their families to continue to play together.

Parents baked cakes, got comfy and listened to each other. As a charity we may have grown but our ethos remains focused on supporting families with similar experiences…and we still firmly believe in the power of a cup of tea.

Playworkers cheering with child

Since the beginning it was clear that we needed a permanent venue to support families through the week and this remains our focus. We’ve hall-hopped to many spaces around Bristol and South Gloucestershire and this has made us quick to adapt and super resilient.

We believe this hardship and determination helped us be one of the only children’s disability charities to retain public-facing family play sessions during the 2020 lockdowns.

Image of Incredible Kids timeline of when they started and what venues they've been based in.

Our Trustees

Dominic Fletcher

Headshot of a caucsian man in a suitDominic Fletcher is an Independent Financial Advisor, working with individual clients, wealthy families and small to medium sized businesses.

He provides advise on a broad spectrum of areas under the title of financial planning, including investment services, business strategy and tax planning. Fundamentally, his success professionally has come from his  drive to understand his clients and their families, assisting them in reaching their objectives and guiding them through the various life events we all experience.

In his own time, he supports two local businesses in Clevedon and Bristol, providing them with an alternative perspective on their businesses and assisting them with the financial management of their business.

Dominic has a large European family and is very proud of his heritage and the influence his Catholic upbringing and education has given him. He attended the University of Bournemouth, where he studied Business & Marketing as well as spending a year in industry during his degree. Locally, he personally enjoy supporting the Bristol Bears Rugby team and has a number of close links to the club and other players in the premiership. When he is not working, Dominic enjoy travelling as often as possible, , soaking in new cultures, religions, and the various ways of living around the globe.

Dominic joined Incredible Kids as a trustee with a desire to directly help his community, using his experience and skills. He would like to create positive change for others, especially children and their families who do not have a support network. Throughout his life, he has been inspired by influential figures within his family and within his career, who have focused on helping to support charities and the lives of local people.

Sandie Davis

Picture of Incredible Kids Trustee Sandie Davis

Sandie is a mum of seven, three of whom are adopted and have Down’s syndrome, another  has a rare genetic life-limiting condition. She also fosters two young people with additional needs. Over the last two years, she has juggled multiple caring responsibilities towards all these young people who were considered at high risk if they caught COVID-19. Sandie won parent carer of the year award at the Include Awards in 2022 and was a finalist at the BAPS awards.

Sandie is a Labour Councillor for the New Cheltenham Ward in Kingswood, Bristol.  Sandie has been involved in visiting, supporting and providing advice to the charity since it began in 2012.  She is a supporter and advocate of people with learning difficulties. Sandie is a former user of our service with her foster children.

Photo of Incredible Kids tustee Jennie Prewett

Jennie Prewett

Jennie is the founder of the charity and is Chair of Trustees. She founded the charity after her own family struggled to get support for their own autistic children. Jennie had the simple idea to set up play sessions in her local church and worked with other local families to make it happen. Jennie is a mum of five who cares about helping other families like her own so that no family will ever need to go without support. She was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and recognises that this brings both strengths and challenges to her role.

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