Business Continuity Plan

  1. Business Continuity Statement
  2. Organisational Information
  3. Financial Information
  4. User Information
  5. Physical Security
  6. Staff Security
  7. Staff and Volunteers’ Induction and Training
  8. Review of This Plan 
  1. Business Continuity Statement

Incredible Kids recognises the need to be able to continue to deliver a service in the event of an incident that would significantly affect the organisation. We also recognise the need to ensure the safety of staff members/volunteers and protect our reputation as an organisation.

The threats that we have identified as most likely are:

  • Fire – damage to church and loss of information and resources
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Human error
  • Legal risk
  1. Organisational Information

We hold a comprehensive database on Huddle and on an external hard drive that is backed up and removed from the premises each day. The database shows:

  • Volunteer details – names, mobile phone numbers, home phone numbers, home addresses, next of kin and emergency contact details,
  • Key contacts – insurance details and Service Level Agreement information
  • Physical asset inventory – a list of equipment including serial numbers
  • List of staff members/volunteers with First Aid training
  1. Financial Information

Our accounts are backed up at all times on Huddle and an external hard drive.

  1. User Information

A comprehensive database of all service users is kept by the Incredible Kids Secretary. This includes key contact information, actions agreed etc. This is updated weekly and saved to Huddle.

  1. Physical Security

We do not currently have our own premises and use Bourne Christian Centre, Waters Road, Kingswood.  As this is a public facility we cannot control access when we are not using the building. No confidential information is stored at the centre. Equipment is stored in locked facilities within the church.

  1. Staff and Volunteer Security

All staff members and volunteers working with children or vulnerable adults are subject to Enhanced DBS checks and references are thoroughly checked during an employee/volunteer probationary period. Explanations are requested for any gaps in employment history for staff.

  1. Staff and Volunteers’ Induction and Training

During the staff member/volunteer induction period staff members/volunteers will be made aware of organisational policies and the responsibilities of staff to maintain these practices and relevant specialist training agreed.

  1. Review of This Plan

Incredible Kids’s commitment to business continuity is an active one. This document should be amended on a regular basis as part of this active commitment.

Incredible Kids’s business continuity plan will be reviewed in consultation with staff members/volunteers as and when required in line with new developments and actively seek information on this issue.




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