We know that every organisation is unique with it’s own individual set of aims and responsibilities. At incredible kids we aim reflect this in the way we work with our sponsors and offer a broad range of ways to support the work of incredible kids

 Employee Engagement
Employee engagement activities support an organization’s social responsibility strategy in alignment with key business initiatives in priority markets. Opportunities involve employees at the company-wide, team-based, employee and management levels with varying degrees of commitment including:
* Technical advisory
* Session support
* Fundraising
* Donations

Key benefits of Employee Engagement
* Enhances corporate brand reputation with consumers, media and investors
* Provides professional growth opportunities for staff to expand skill sets in emerging and developing markets
* Improves employee morale, helps attract and retains talent
* Strengthen ties to local communities where the company operates
* Builds organization culture around community giving and volunteerism

Gift in kind
Incredible Kids defines a Gift-in-Kind as a non-cash donation of a good or service. We accept Gifts-in-Kind that support the fulfillment of our aims

Workplace giving campaign
Give your employees the opportunity to give back in a way that can most benefit the cause of their choice, as well as your corporate culture. A workplace giving campaign is an annual employee giving charitable campaign. When employees give through their place of employment, it creates morale and fosters team building. Employees are given a chance to support the international community through their workplace giving campaign and corporations are able to help make philanthropy a part of their corporate future.

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