COVID-19 Guidelines

Please leave your session on time. 

We’ve had difficulty ensuring that some families leave on time at the end of their session. Please help us by ensuring your family are ready to leave promptly so that we can keep our groups separate and entrance ways clear. If you think this will be a problem for you please prepare your family early and let our playworkers know if you need any particular help with this. We appreciate that this is one of the trickiest things for many children however we cannot operate unless we can maintain separate groups. Families who do not leave on time may not be able to book future sessions. 

On Arrival

When you arrive please wait outside until your session starting time. Please do not enter the playground until your event start time. We have plenty of hand sanitiser available on entry and at sanitising stations around the grounds.

The playground is securely fenced off and the main gate will be locked during the session. If you arrive late please wait for a playworker to let you in. It doesn’t matter if you arrive late but please ensure you leave on time at the end of your session so that we have time to clean the frequently used areas. We will be spraying the equipment with a bleach-based product following Government guidelines so it’s important you leave on time and allow us to clean and be ready for those arriving for the next session. If you need any help preparing your child please let a playworker know so they can help. 


When required by Government rules, masks will be required in all indoor areas, unless you are exempt or aged under 11. Please note that some of our staff are exempt from wearing a mask. Our staff may choose to wear a mask outdoors as well but this is optional for them.

Social Distancing.

Those who are able will need to continue to practice social distancing at our sessions by staying 2 metres apart, although the Government accepts that most children will not be able to do this, and especially children with additional needs.


The venue has two toilets, and an accessible toilet, these can be accessed from outdoors. There is also an indoor disabled toilet. Please ask a playworker if you need to use the indoor disabled toilet.


You are welcome to bring your own drink with you to our session. Very basic refreshments will be offered to you by our staff in disposable cups to avoid people congregating in the kitchen area. Biscuits and crisps are not being offered at our sessions at the moment.


We are legally required to operate a track and trace system at our sessions. All of our sessions require you to pre-book your family. There is an NHS Track and Trace QR code at our in-person sessions which you may choose to use on arrival. We will record your attendance times at our sessions through our booking system.

Visitor Preparation Information 

Do not enter if you have displayed any symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 14 days, or have potentially been in contact with anyone who has had, or displayed symptoms within the last 14 days. 

Parent Carers please adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times ensuring to keep socially distant from other people.

Hand wipes, gels or other sanitisers are provided for your use on arrival and at hygiene stations around the venue. 

Please minimise the amount of equipment you bring into the Vench and ensure any equipment you are bringing on-site has been cleaned or disinfected prior to coming on to the site.

Please wash your hands on a regular basis.

Please cough, sneeze or blow your nose into tissues, dispose of them and then wash hands immediately. If no tissues are available please cough or sneeze into your elbow.

Unless you are exempt please follow any signage or guidelines for PPE required as per the rules of the site such as masks in any indoor areas. We have a supply of these on-site which you can use. 

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