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Our sessions are currently taking place at the Vench in Lockleaze so that we can provide COVID safe outdoor sessions.

We understand that our Incredible Kids families are facing challenging times, so we have taken our sessions outdoors to help children with additional needs and their families have fun and make friends.

There are lots of conversations happening in our online community. We have regular news posts, and all of our members’ parents and carers, staff and volunteers have been invited to join our closed Facebook group where we are sharing lots of activity ideas, and health and well-being information.

To further help our families we have collated some useful resources. See below for more information and signposting to other support groups. Feel free to contact us if you can’t find the help you are looking for and we will try to assist and/or put you in touch with the relevant service.

  • Community Donation makes Incredible Smiles
    The weather was beautiful yesterday evening for our teens. After making slime, riding the zip wire and enjoying hotdogs our Incredible Teens tested out our new Incredible Kids fidget toys. They were so excited to be the first to see them. Small things Iike this make a big difference to… Continue reading
  • Safeguarding Notice
    Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults Good Practice Guide Treat all children, young people and vulnerable adults with respect Avoid inappropriate conduct in speech or action Challenge unacceptable behaviour Respect the right of individuals to privacy and dignity Be cautious when discussing sensitive issues with children, young people, vulnerable adults… Continue reading
  • Interview With An Incredible Kids Playworker #2
    Why did you want to work as a playworker at Incredible Kids? I’ve always worked with children, either babysitting or child minding. I really loved looking after children and I started to look for a job that fit similar criteria. Luckily for me Incredible Kids popped up in my search… Continue reading
  • Interview With An Incredible Kids Playworker
    Why did you want to work at Incredible Kids? I grew up with my sister who has special needs, so to help keep her happy I would find unconventional ways of making her laugh. Due to my experience of looking after my sister, my Mother sent me a post for… Continue reading
  • Autism and Employment
    What I Want Employers To Know – From An Autistic Perspective Seeking employment can be a minefield for anyone with autism and only 15% of people with autism are in full-time employment. Social communication, jobhunting, interviews, maintaining employment and sensory sensitivities in the workplace are a few challenges that may… Continue reading
  • Autism in girls – Lauren’s real life story
    Before My Diagnosis I was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism aged 12. Before my diagnosis, I realised there was something different about the way my mind worked, but I couldn’t fathom it out. This led to me feeling confused and very isolated. I knew I was different from my peers… Continue reading
  • Raising a deafblind child – a parent’s journey from trauma to love.
    I dreamt of a healthy baby boy. I mean that is what everybody wishes for, right? As long as they are healthy, that is all that matters. But what happens when those dreams are snatched away? Continue reading
  • Interview with our Incredible Children’s Playworker Supervisor Jeanna.
    Why did you want to work at Incredible Kids? After running a Hair Salon for many years, I was looking for a career change that still involved working closely with the public. As a people orientated person, I needed a career that would allow me to still be connected with… Continue reading
  • Life in Lockdown
    For many people with autism, uncertain, stressful times can cause heightened anxiety and upset. Understandably I have had good days and bad days when coping with the lockdowns and isolation periods we have had during the past 18 months. It hasn’t been easy to cope during the lockdown periods and… Continue reading
  • Incredible Calendar – for a disability friendly holiday.
    Summer holidays with a disabled child fills some families with relief and excitement at the freedom, lack of school runs, plans for road trips and thoughts of days at the beach. Others are anxious about the change in routine, concerns over how to keep children happy for 6 weeks, not… Continue reading
  • Bubble Rush Race
    Do you like bubbles? At Incredible Kids we have become quite partial to bubbles. As a result we’ve put together a team  for the Bubble Rush in Keynsham this September. We don’t all know each other but we will all be walking, running or wheeling for one purpose: Bubbles and… Continue reading
  • Pathological Demand Avoidance PDA Support Group in Bristol
    We launched this event late in 2019 and planned our second one for March 2020. Obviously, this was delayed. It’s been a long delay but our PDA sessions are making a comeback. Maybe your child has an elusive diagnosis of Pathological Demand Avoidance, Autism with a demand avoidant profile. or… Continue reading
  • Ten ways to encourage friendship in children with additional needs
    Friendship is important because we share our joy and our trials with friends. However, friendship can also be a source of mystery, frustration and anxiety in children with additional needs. Incredible Kids aims to help children and parents to make friends, so we’ve been thinking of our top ten ways… Continue reading
  • Autism and Friendships!
    Developing Friendships When You Have Autism Developing friendships can be anxiety-provoking for many people with autism. The positive feelings of being understood can make a huge difference in overcoming barriers to forming friendships. Sometimes people with autism can find initiating conversation complicated. Building rapport and maintaining conversations can be tricky.… Continue reading
  • Be Autism Aware
    I believe there should be more acceptance and awareness of autism, especially nowadays. Our diverse society represents the importance of highlighting equal opportunities and promoting the voices of disabled people and their families. Can Having Autism Be Seen As A Positive? In short, yes. As a young person with autism,… Continue reading
  • Preparing for your visit
    All of our group sizes are very small at the moment so it’s easy to join a session. If you or your children are particularly in need of an extra small group size then our Quiet Session is the smallest group size.  Whats on offer: If you want to prepare… Continue reading
  • Discover our Incredible Sensory Delivery Service. Spoiler Alert: it’s free!
    During the summer of 2020 we created a lending library of messy play and sensory fun. Our award winning service included home delivery to your doorstep of either a tuff tray with sensory messy play or an activity pack with play items. Please complete the form below to request an… Continue reading
  • Are you ready to go outdoors? Come with us on an Incredible Playground Adventure!
    We have taken our service outdoors. Join us at The Vench Adventure Playground in Lockleaze for some outdoor fun! To join us at our sessions please sign up for membership on our membership page and you’ll be sent a link to book. Continue reading
  • Incredible Summer Boot Camp
    Summer holidays are often a time when we focus on our children. This summer we have reserved one hour a week to focus on parents and carers. In a small group of 6, we are offering Incredible Boot Camp throughout the school holidays. Sim Jemmett Personal Training will be helping… Continue reading
  • Autism: Whose fault is it anyway? Blame does not help the parents. 10 tips for parents going through the SEND diagnosis process.
    A guest post written for us by one of our parents. Ten years ago as we entered the Sure Start Centre where our first parenting course took place, I remember the feeling of “Why are we here?” as though it was yesterday. Whilst the well-meaning health visitors watched us playing… Continue reading

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