Could you #BeIncredible for Incredible Kids?

This March, Incredible Kids launch their #BeIncredible campaign to celebrate 10 years serving greater Bristol


Kids being incredible

In the summer of 2012 a group of parents came together with a plan – to create a safe space where families with disabled children could relax, play and connect. Incredible Kids was born and is 10 years old this June. To celebrate we are launching an unprecedented fundraising drive – we want to raise £10,000 this year to support the great work we do – and we are asking the people of Bristol and South Gloucestershire to help.

Are you a little bit incredible?

All of the 600 families who belong to Incredible Kids amaze us regularly. They might not be championship swimmers, have done a solo skydive, or got their degree aged 14 – but they face unique challenges that they overcome every day in their own incredible way. So we are asking you to be incredible in your own way to raise money for Incredible Kids.

Perhaps your incredible is to walk to the shops instead of driving? Or to read or listen to a book series? Or to sit in a bath of baked beans? We aren’t asking you to run a marathon – although, if that is your version of incredible, then we totally support that. We are just asking you to pick something you wouldn’t normally do, that you fancy giving a try, and ask your friends and family to sponsor you for it.

Some of our incredible challenges

Some of our staff and their kids have already signed up to #BeIncredible, and they’re each hoping to raise £100 toward the campaign. Here’s what they’re up to:

  • Incredible Kid Isaac, 13, is going to swim a kilometre to #BeIncredible
  • Incredible Kid Lydia, 6, is going to read 10 books to #BeIncredible
  • Our Incredible Fundraiser Jai is going to paddleboard the Wye River
  • Incredible supporter Noah is going to run a cupcake sale at work

It is up to you to choose your own incredible – all we ask is that it is also achievable. If this is the push you need to fulfil that dream of kayaking the British coastline, then awesome. If in reality, that is too big a bite of the pie, then why not kayak Bristol harbour instead? You get to decide what is incredible for you, because we know how incredible even the small things are.

I’m ready to be incredible!

That’s great news! Here are your next steps:

  • Register your interest by emailing
  • We will send you a fundraising pack and support you to set your goal
  • Tell your friends online or in-person – don’t forget to use the #BeIncredible hashtag on social media
  • Set a date for your Incredible feat and use an online or paper pledge form to collect donations (see fundraising pack)
  • Take pictures of you being incredible! Share them with us and your sponsors
  • Collect your donations and submit them via the online portal – details in the fundraising pack.

This campaign will run until 1st December 2022 and we are aiming to raise £10,000. If just 100 people raise £100, then we have hit our Incredible target, so that is the suggested fundraising amount. If you don’t hit £100 though, don’t panic. Just like being incredible doesn’t have to be huge, your fundraising also doesn’t have to be huge to help us out!

Want to be an Incredible Team? Sometimes Incredible happens when more than one person is involved. Simply choose a lead member to register and follow the steps above. We’d love to see some teams #BeIncredible for Incredible Kids!

What will my funds pay for?

Each week we offer supported play services to almost 200 disabled children, and advice and community to their parents and carers. Incredible Kids is a place of action, of acceptance, of care and friendship. It is a place where disabled children and their families can belong, be supported, and won’t be judged.

We are looking to expand our service from 2023, and the funds from this campaign will help finance that expansion. From new equipment to an increased number of sessions, to more staff, this money is the foundation stone for the next decade of Incredible Kids – and it is important to us you are a part of it.

Thanks for reading – we can’t wait to see you #BeIncredible, but of course, we already know you are incredible!

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