Incredible Kids aims to provide the best possible support and services to families with a child that has additional needs. Incredible Kids exists to serve the public and to be accountable to its trustees, funders, Charity Commission and partners.

If you have feedback on one of our sessions please do use our contact form or complete our session feedback form

From time to time an individual may feel it has not had the best possible service that Incredible Kids aims to provide.  In such instances it is important that a complaint is made, the circumstances investigated and necessary corrective action undertaken within reasonable time limits.

If you have a complaint 

Anyone that is dissatisfied with any aspect of the work of Incredible Kids should contact the trustees.  The trustees will seek to satisfy any complaint by conciliation and clarification of the issues involved.  Hopefully the majority of problems can be satisfied by this informal process.

If the person making the complaint is not satisfied by the result of the above informal process we would welcome them using the following more formal procedures:-

 Formal Complaints Procedure

 Any complaint should be communicated to the trustees of Incredible Kids using the official complaints form. We require the form to be dated, signed and by the person making the complaint. We wont accept complaints on behalf of others except where the parent/carers are complaining on behalf of their own children.

Complaints Form

Incredible Kids will acknowledge in writing (identifying the complaint) receipt of the complaint within seven working days.

The Trustees shall investigate all circumstances leading to the complaint and ensure that an Incredible Kids Complaints Form is completed.

The Trustees shall inform the complainant of the result of the investigation. This will be completed within four weeks from the date of the complaint being acknowledged, unless circumstances prolong the investigation, in which case an interim report will be made to the complainant and new time-scale set.

The Trustee Board will make a final decision on the complaint.

All complaints and feedback to Incredible Kids will be fully recorded and a report made to the Trustee Board on any complaints dealt with via this procedure.  A written record will be retained of complaints.

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