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What our families have said about Incredible Kids:

Incredible Kids is a real life line for our family. Before diagnosis I was banging my head against a brick wall not knowing where to look, get help or simply just to feel able to take my child places she would fit in and not be excluded. With the help of all the knowledgeable volunteers I was able to gain information about her impending diagnosis, advice was given regarding help that was needed and also benefit schemes. I think the staff are amazing, they made us feel at ease from day one. My daughter is able to play, run around often quite boisterous at times without annoying people. Often you feel excluded if your child doesn’t fit in to the norm but this place has helped with mine and her confidence. Now she has a formal diagnosis we visit every week, I have much sought after time to sit and chat with the other parents/carers whilst she gets to have fun with all her new friends. In her words “IK is fun, I never want to leave”.

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Incredible kids has definitely been a life saver for me, it’s been the first place that Cameron has wanted to socialise and has even made some friends! More importantly though it has given me friends, a place to go where I feel understood and not judged. It’s so relaxed and there is always someone to greet you with a smile and a cup of tea is always available! Some weeks Incredible Kid’s sessions are the only time I get to leave the house and have adult company I’m so glad that I found them!

I have been going to Incredible Kids from the start and it has given me and my family a safe caring loving environment where the children love to play and the adults can sit and chat whilst being able to watch their children playing, we have really needed incredible kids everyone is really friendly and you feel cared for and part of something very special

Most (in fact all) parks in Bradley stoke are inaccessible to Scott , a safe friendly environment where Scott can play, learn and develop in a safe specifically designed area are invaluable to his life skills and social development WE NEED THIS it’s not a luxury for family’s like ours it a necessity xxx

Having Incredible Kids has been a life saver! It is the only place I can take a child with additional needs & mainstream children together & know that they are safe. The child with additional needs can’t go to parks, soft plays etc due to physical disabilities so by going to Incredible Kids it means none of the children miss out or gets bored because there is such a choice there for them. We love the sensory tent & sensory toys, somewhere to chill! It’s a great set up in that the adults can sit at a table & have a drink & watch the children playing. It’s great that everyone is so friendly & supportive! Everyone is there to help each other if need be.

IK is a complete lifesaver. My kids are often really happy there which means I get a break. No one goes hungry or thirsty and problems shared are often met with helpful suggestions…I feel supported and understood which I never take for granted. Thank you IK x

Incredible Kids provides us with a special environment where we can safely take our two little boys knowing its secure and safe. We find as parents that we struggle to find places at the weekend that suit our boys needs perfectly, Incredible Kids meets their needs. We find it relaxing and calm and a great place to meet other parents of children with additional needs. We also have a daughter of 11 and we find that Incredible Kids cater for her needs which is extremely important, providing iPads and games for her to play which is great, they understand sibling’s needs too. It would be fantastic if Incredible Kids could get their own facility with hopefully some enclosed outdoor space. Incredible Kids means so much to my family so please support the application for their very own facility. I am writing to you as a parent of two children with additional needs.

I love coming to Incredible Kids knowing my son with Autism is safe and everyone is understanding, I find it a great support to meet other parents and carers, when you find out your child has problems u can feel very alone but at IK u realise you’re not alone and u can discuss issues and swap tips, it is a lovely place to be I have turned up an hour before closing before after having a bad day and have left in a great mood as I have been able to watch my son having a lovely time and I have had a chat to others who understand the problems my son sometimes has, my daughter comes along too and even though she doesn’t have special needs it is lovely for her to come along and play in a safe environment, often if we go somewhere else my son goes off on his own agenda and she has to follow him with me, at IK they can both play independently and I know they are both safe, it’s a day out without the stress, we enjoy it a lot.

I haven’t made it along to a session yet either – but knowing IK is there gives me a sense of security & reassurance that there is a place & people out there who will welcome me & my family in all its glory and not judge us! So when life gets less hectic I look forward to joining you for some cake keep up the amazing hard work.

I love incredible kids.  It has been life saving for me as I have been able to bring all 3 children even though 1 of them has no additional needs. As I have loved the group so much and also realised that it was run by parents in similar situation to myself so therefore have always helped as much as I can with setting up an packing away and running it in between.  But the help given by all the volunteers often comes at some personal cost.

It takes about an hour each to set up and another to pack away.  This eats up a lot of our time especially when we are trying to care for/supervise our high needs children.  It often has to be a well-managed juggling act to achieve this and becomes extremely exhausting to do alongside the continuous childcare. For me this childcare is of 2 children with ASC, 1 of which has ADHD.

My wish would be that we had somewhere that didn’t require us to be continuously setting up/ clearing away all the equipment some of which is very big, like the sensory tent.  If we had our own facility we would also be able to invest in more specialist equipment and build different zones to meet the different requirements of the children and the whole family.

We have two children with severe disabilities.  We access the Incredible Kids group regularly on a Saturday and occasionally during the week and during the holidays. Both of our children enjoy attending the play sessions.  There are appropriate activities and equipment for the children to use and the environment is always welcoming, happy and safe. We support, as a family, all that the Incredible Kids group do and recommend them to other families who have children with additional needs

Incredible Kids is a great, safe place for both my child and me to relax and enjoy some social time in a non-judgemental environment. Due to the large space available no matter how many children are present it does not feel crowded or busy, making it a calmer place for my son to play without feeling his usual social anxiety.

I haven’t made it along to a session yet either – but knowing IK is there gives me a sense of security & reassurance that there is a place & people out there who will welcome me & my family in all its glory and not judge us! So when life gets less hectic I look forward to joining you for some cake keep up the amazing hard work.

Incredible Kids is the only place I can take both my children where I know that they will both be happy and that I will be able to have a break. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to help other parents who are also struggling to cope with the pressures of having a disabled child.

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